Know Step-By-Step How to Get a Canadian Work Visa

Canada is rated the top country in the world in terms of quality of life. Its sound social justice system and equality of Opportunity make it a favorite for Immigrants. Canada has good employment opportunities and a zero-debt economy that attracts skilled workers.

Despite its attractive environment, Canada is a sparsely populated country with a broad skill gap. It’s a great time to immigrate to Canada if you’re a skilled worker searching for better opportunities. Read on to understand the process of obtaining a Canada skilled worker visa and starting anew in the Great North.

How do I Obtain a Canada Skilled Worker Visa?

Canada follows an Express Entry system for its Federal Skilled Worker Program. Express Entry, or EE, is an online immigration application system wherein a skilled worker can apply for immigration. Because The applicants submit their details, and those with the highest rankings are offered permanent residency. These rankings are based on six factors which we shall discuss later.

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Canada Skilled Worker Visa?

Under the Express Entry system, the government of Canada listed 347 eligible occupations for Canada Skilled Worker Visas. These include:

  • Legislators
  • Financial Managers
  • School Principals
  • Construction & Renovation Managers
  • Managers in Aquaculture

What Documents Are Needed to Immigrate to Canada as a Skilled Worker?

Some documents need at different stages of the application. Starting your online profile for the Express Entry system, you will need:

  • Possess intermediate English or French Language Proficiency as per the Canadian Language Benchmark of 7. The same needs to be proved by undergoing language testing by a recognized third party.
  • Having one year of continuous full-time paid employment. This one year of work should fall within the previous ten years of the worker.
  • Possess enough financial soundness to support moving and settling in Canada
  • Be willing to undergo a background check and a medical examination.
  • Score good points in the comprehensive ranking system. The current Benchmark is 67 points.
  • An educational credential assessment for education outside Canada
  • A valid passport
  • Proof of funds to travel and settle yourself in Canada

These documentation requirements surface during different stages of the immigration process explained below.

What Is the Process to Obtain a Canada Skilled Worker Visa?

  • Take A Language Test

Every applicant needs to take a government-approved language test and attach the results in their application. The two language options are English and French. BecaThe applicant needs to prove their Proficiency in at least one of these languages as per the Express Entry requirements.

  • Assess Your Foreign Education Credentials

Applicants educated outside Canada will need an assessment of their education credentials. This practice is to ascertain if their education is equivalent to that in Canada. Obtaining this credential can increase the chances of success in obtaining a Canada Skilled Worker Visa. In addition, this is a mandatory process for all those applying under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

  • Determine Your National Occupation Classification (NOC)

There is specific eligibility in terms of occupation classification as per Canada’s National Occupation Classification Database. The skilled worker should be classified as any of these three options per the National Occupations Classifications System:

  • Skill Type 0 – Managerial Occupations
  • Skills type A – Professional Occupations
  • Skill type B- Technical Occupations & Skill Trades

Level B and above are eligible to apply for a Canada Skilled Worker Visa under the Express Entry Program. 

  • Determine Your Eligibility for Express Entry Immigration

The first step to determining your eligibility is to be in any one of the 347 eligible occupations as mentioned by the government of Canada. becauseFurther, upon obtaining your language test results, education credentials, and NOC skill type, applicants need to recheck their eligibility. They can do this on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada website, which has an online tool to check eligibility. Because The prerequisite to using this tool is obtaining both the language proficiency test and the NOC skill type determination.

  • Creating a Profile on The Express Entry System

If you are eligible for the EE system based on the online tool, you will obtain a unique personal reference code. This needs to create your EE profile. All necessary information on education, work experience, personal history, and documentation. It is advisable to keep updating your profile when you acquire new skills, and promotions, etc.

  • The Comprehensive Ranking System for Canada Skilled Worker Visa

This is the process where every candidate is evaluate based on six factors. The total points assigned to each factor count up to 100. For a candidate to be eligible for a Canada skill worker visa, so their score must tally to a minimum of 67 points. The six factors are:

  • Education – Maximum 25 points
  • Language – Maximum 25 points, Minimum Threshold 16 points
  • Employment Experience – Maximum 15 points, Minimum Threshold 9 points
  • Arranged employment- 0 to 10 points
  • Adaptability- Maximum 10 points
  • Age – Maximum 12 points

If and when the Canadian government qualifies you to obtain a Canada skilled worker visa based on the above rankings they will intimate you. Submitting a profile does not automatically guarantee that you will be given a Visa. We hope this article has given you the clarity and encouragement to pursue your Canadian dream!

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