Know the STDs that blood test can detect

Know the STDs that blood test can detect

Sexually active people need to test for STDs. Most people avoid these tests because they feel uncomfortable about the routines carried out with the tests. But thanks to the new improvements in technology, people can now test for STDs with blood and urine tests instead of the initially used swab method.

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Urine tests are common for testing for STDs and are primarily used for testing gonorrhoea and chlamydia infection. However, blood tests are also very common and can be used for a broader range of STDs.

You can go for commercial or private blood tests to detect any of the following sexually transmitted diseases.These tests are all available at our clinic in London.


Though oral and blood test can be used to test for HIV, the blood test is the most used method. Two tests are usually carried out to detect the presence of this virus. That is the initial test and the confirmatory one. If the results of the two tests come out positive, the patient is declared HIV positive.


There are many blood tests available to test for herpes infection. These blood tests detect the presence of both HSV-1 and HSV-2. However, it does not detect if you have genital or oral herpes. If there are no sores available, it will be challenging to know the type of virus that has infected the person.

Another problem with these blood tests for herpes is that there are concerns about how accurate the kits are. But you can carry out a confirmatory test with Private Doctor London to confirm your result. Some doctors do not quickly test for the herpes virus in people who do not have symptoms. This is because of the stigma that the people living with this virus encounter. However, because the symptoms are not there does not mean that the virus cannot be transferred between two people.

Hepatitis B

There are many blood tests available to test for hepatitis. These tests can detect if the person had a past infection of the virus and if the person is currently infected with it. To have your hepatitis test, book an appointment with Private Doctor London now.


Some private blood tests are usually combined to detect if a person has been infected with the virus. These blood tests will also show if the person has a past infection and if they are still currently infected.

If the blood and urine test cannot detect the STDs mentioned here, your doctor will carry out a visual or microscopic examination of the sores. They may also use bacterial culture to find out the kind of micro-organism that is present. Other methods through which STDs can be detected is by a combination of blood tests or using single blood tests to diagnose the infections.

For instance, herpes sores can be detected when the samples of the sores are cultured. This method can provide a more accurate result, provided you go to the doctor during the early time of the outbreak.

When you need a swab to diagnose the disease, your doctor will want to perform the swabs by themselves. This is because they want to ensure that the swab is properly collected for the result to be accurate. However, you can tell your doctor your concerns if you would like to collect the swab by yourself. Afterall, taking the swab test alone is better than not taking it at all.

This self-swab test works well for people with a history of sexual trauma or those who do not feel comfortable about other people touching the intimate part of their body. Tell your doctor if you belong to any of these categories.

If you have symptoms of STDs and would like to undergo a private blood test, visit us now. Start by booking an appointment.

However, not every STD shows symptoms. STDs like chlamydia and gonorrhoea rarely show symptoms. But this lack of symptoms does not stop them from being transmitted to other sexual partners. Also, when they are left untreated in females, they cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), which is a leading cause of infertility.

Do not wait to have symptoms before going for a test. Ensure you get tested if you suspect that you have been exposed. Also, do not miss your routine sexual health screening. Come for blood testing at private doctor clinic in London for sexually transmitted diseases.

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