Know the Uses of MUGA for Your Kids

As adults and parents, the well being of the children is our responsibility. While the home of kids plays a very important role in bringing them up, their school also has a huge part to play in it. Children’s growth and development being its first priority it is necessary for the schools to remain updated not just about academic developments but also of the sports and outdoor activity trends.

One such development in the field activity for kids is the Multi-Use Games Area. This is one of the finest and effective ways to introduce playing games that shall also benefit kids in various other ways. So MUGA can be considered as a way to combine work and play in a befitting manner. While it is already popular among a section of the schools in the United Kingdom, there are still a considerable number of them who are unaware of its uses. So let us see what are the various beneficial reasons that support the active use of MUGA.

Define MUGA

The world of games and sports should not be limited for the kids and they should feel liberated while involved in it. This is what makes MUGA the need of the hour. It is a multi-purpose open area for the use of children under supervision. This is an extremely safe option with no limitation of use. People may think of it to be used only for football, netball and such similar game use only but that is not true. It is more than what it appears at first.

It comes in various shapes and sizes for the different kinds of activities one wishes to use it for. These make it possible for all to keep up the regular games practice and other physical activities throughout the year and in all seasons. In fact, it can be installed with whatever one needs to have, like, surfaces, fencing, Climbing Frames, goals, storage, sports markings, etc.

Why Use MUGA?

It is not without reason that several schools have taken up MUGA installation as a necessary and worthy investment. Following are some of the basic reasons that support the installation of these in school playgrounds.

• All-Weather Use: the speciality of these is its all year round usability. With these in the playground, kids can enjoy them and not be losing out on their daily exercise requirements. As it is artificially made, it has the design to get the water drained if it pours and so flooding is not an option with these installed. The natural set-up would have led to several inconveniences like flooded and muddy ground, while sometimes it can also get spoiled in such a season. But these are not a headache any more once you install MUGA.

Low Maintenance: there is this added advantage of it that there is no maintenance cost as such since the artificial grasses shall need no trimming from time to time, neither will it require line painting, etc. You might only have to check for damages and only in such a case, it will need fixing, which is also quite rare. So maintenance costs being extremely low these turn out to be the best fit for the schools as it saves a lot of its funds that can be used elsewhere.

Regular Workout: as the health of kids is of immense importance for a wholesome development of the little ones, working out or having regular physical activity is a must. But due to the weather inconveniences, it becomes a problem to get the ground ready every day. So, this artificial ground turns out to be the best way to combat such conditions and get your school kids the perfect play area every day. In this was regular workout is maintained through their various physical activities and games that they like to play. It is all fun and useful.

Introduce Varieties of Sports: MUGA is amazingly useful for all kinds of sports starting from something small to something a tat big. So apart from the daily games, kids can also be introduced to sports like basketball, tennis, hockey, etc. which will help many to find their passion while others to get proper refreshment leading to better concentration in studies.

So as the saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” all children should be provided with the best for their proper development, both physical and mental so that they do not face the same fate as Jack.

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