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How to Start a Yoga Streaming Business to Make Money

Fitness has always been at the forefront for many people. Especially after the onset of the pandemic, more individuals have taken to fitness at home as gyms and yoga studios have been temporarily shut down. This has increased the demand for live streaming yoga classes.  

Yoga enthusiasts prefer having a virtual yoga instructor or watching live streaming yoga for their daily practice. Many yogis are now moving to live streaming and OTT platforms to increase their revenue and members.  

To boost their reach, instructors can now make use of streaming services for better influence. It also gives them an alternate mode of revenue through online fitness platforms.  

In 2021, the pilates and yoga studio market size was a whopping $12.8 billion in the US alone. With more people practicing at-home yoga, the opportunity to grow their practice is higher. 


Why Should You Create an Online Yoga Streaming Business? 


Whether you’re an instructor or run a studio, you can always earn more by reaching a wider audience and increasing your follower base. Online classes earn money and have a better chance of finding passive income opportunities.  

  •     Digitalization

At-home yoga has become the norm with people trying to reach their fitness goals without having to step outside their homes. Digitalization allows people to pick an instructor of their choice and practice yoga when they prefer. It is a safer option and is easier than having to go to a studio.  

  •     Bring together a global community

Yoga trainers can now branch out to more people and grow a global community. Instructors like Yoga with Adriene have a million people following them and build trust and loyalty all while earning income for their training.  

  •     Generate passive income

Instructors don’t have to rely on daily classes or live sessions for their income source anymore. They can create yoga videos and upload them on a streaming platform and charge a subscription for their followers. It is a steady revenue source to make money with yoga online.  


Steps to Launch your Online Yoga Streaming Program  


So, how to make money with yoga online? You can either live stream online classes or create your own virtual yoga studio or make yoga videos and upload them online. The idea is to find a yoga streaming platform that is most beneficial to you. Here are some steps to build your yoga streaming platform online. 

  • Open virtual yoga studio

People who practice yoga can be of two types—those who prefer live sessions and those who train by speaking pre-recorded videos. Creating an online fitness program studio will bring fame and a following which can be monetized to benefit you. Start by opening a virtual yoga studio for your practice.  

  • Choose topics you want to teach

Many yoga forms appeal to different people. However, it is your choice on what kind of audience you want to attract. Do you want to focus on mindfulness, or are you more into flexibility and fitness? Do you want to create easy-to-follow routines or is your audience in the advanced form of practice? Answer these questions to choose your topic of specialization.  

  • Discover your unique yoga style

Yoga has many forms, whether it is Hatha Yoga or Hot Yoga, pick the style that you want to teach. This will help you narrow down your audience and gather a loyal following. A niche in the streaming business will make you unique and provide an avenue to create original content exclusive to your studio.  

Build Your Own Yoga Studio


  • Craft your studio’s website

The next step is to build an online fitness live streaming platform that is uniquely about your studio. Branding is an important factor that enhances the overall experience of your website. Customize the landing pages, courses, and interactive elements for a smooth interface and user experience.  

  • Create a user funnel to grow your community

Not all users will be interested in starting without understanding what your studio has to offer. Create an experience that attracts your audience and gives them a glimpse of what lies waiting if they subscribe to the full experience. To do this, understand your audience and what they want. Creating a user funnel will help you grow your community.  

  •   Set your prices and monetize

Once you know your audience, you will have an idea of what your followers are willing to pay to access your content. In the beginning, it might be tough to charge a price for the services you offer, but as your platform grows, using statistics of the online yoga class attendance, set your prices. You can also choose different monetization methods to cater to your varying audience.


How to Make Money with Yoga with Video Monetization 


When you start teaching yoga online, you get access to many monetization models. These can be used individually or combined to appease your followers. To make money as a fitness instructor, you can look into these popular models available for video-on-demand and OTT platforms.  

  • SVOD

 Subscription video-on-demand is similar to gym subscriptions where followers pay for weekly, monthly, or yearly access to your virtual yoga studio and videos. This gives them complete access to the yoga program of their choice to view or playback as and when they want. You can divide subscriptions based on the beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels or give them complete access to all your content on the website.  

  • AVOD

If your followers are not willing to pay for subscriptions, you can choose advertisements as your mode of revenue generation. However, while practicing yoga, these can be distracting and break the attention. If the members are willing to watch advertisements in between their practice to avoid paying subscriptions, this can be great for your platform.  

  • TVOD

The transactional video-on-demand model is great for live streaming, 30-day challenges, or other programs that take one-time payments. TVOD charges based on pay-per-view. You can either make it one-time access, give them an unlimited playback option or rent it for a certain amount of time. 


In Conclusion


If you’re looking to expand your follower community and reach a global audience, streaming yoga videos online is a great source of income. You can create a virtual yoga studio to gather more followers and teach yoga online from anywhere to any other place. 

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