Matte Lamination VS Gloss Lamination? What is best for your product packaging?

Coat your product packaging to make your product shine among its competitors. There are various types of coating from which you can choose to make your packaging unique. These coatings are easy to apply and help distinct your product from its competitors.

There is no right type of coating as all of them are unique and appealing which adds to your products. You can choose any type of coating that you desire and that goes with the type of product you are packaging or you can help from packaging experts such as ZEE Packaging.


This is a plastic sheet on top of the carton. This sheet is fully attached to the carton. It not only enhances its look but also protects it from breaking and prevents wrinkles to appear.

This is one of the greatest ways to coat your products as it prevents water to enter the inner lining of the craton and protects it from water. It also protects the carton from dust and dirt. With lamination, the carton is easy to clean and it gives the carton a neat and tidy look added with a shine. Laminated cartons are assumed to be of high quality.

However, lamination is a bit expensive compared to other coating techniques and can be difficult for small-scale businesses to go through with it. Moreover, lamination includes plastic which might look good but is hazardous for the environment as plastic is not biodegradable. This might put customers off as now a day with social media and the internet everyone is aware of the pros of cons of materials like plastic.

Matte lamination

Matte lamination is also a plastic sheet attached on top of the carton but gives a more sophisticated look as it is not shiny. It has a soft texture and a natural look which enhances the overall look of the packaging and in turn enhances the reputation of the product. Matte gives a modern look to the product as matte packaging is trending in the market.


Paperboard is usually used for retail products. It is flexible and versatile hence it can store a bunch of products and keep them safe. Paperboard is a bit cheaper than other materials.

Paperboard can be customized in various shapes to further enhanced the look and can be printed upon using colors and patterns.

Here different colors can be sued according to the color wheel to ensure complementary colors. You can choose the appearance of the paperboard according to the type of product and according to your brand identity.

However, it is not as strong as other materials and comes with less protection.


This category includes aluminum foils which can be used to coat the cartons. This is a unique way to package the cartons. It helps keeps the UV rays and other toxic rays away from the product hence it keeps the product safe. Aluminum foil is lightweight and cheaper than other materials.

However, foil can get wrinkles and can easily break if not attached properly to the carton. Moreover, foil is difficult to print upon.

Gloss and matte sheets

These sheets are similar to lamination sheets but include more variety than lamination as here any sheet can be used and customized to convert them into gloss or matte sheets according to the brand preference. The good thing about this category is that any kind of sheet can be used here and customized which gives a wider choice to the customers.

Printed coating

This category includes printed sheets that are used to coat the cartons. These sheets are easy to stick on the cartons and are cheaper than other materials of coating. These sheets come with different styles such as patterns including complementary and contrasting colors. Other patterns such as flowers, fictional characters, and plain sheets according to the product you are packaging..

Importance of coating

These coatings will help enhance the look of your product. King Custom Boxes is a packaging company that offers a range of coating materials to enhance your packaging. This will help attract customers and will enhance the reputation of your brand among its competitors.

It will help attract customers by catching their attention by enhancing the unique attributes of the coating you choose.

Moreover, these coating will enhance the overall look of your packaging and as it serves as your brand packaging it’ll have a great impact on the market and will help succeed through the competition in the market.

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