Places in Manali In December 2021

Manali is from the heart of the most flexible vacation from the sky, from the heart of the prosperity of friends, and from the heart of the young family, the first night of the heart to the place.

This excellence in the city of Retiro is an inscription on magnificent mountains, snow-covered snow covers, excellent views, sweet lipsticks and luxury special accommodations. The gem of the Himachal crown, there is a great place to visit Manari in December 2021 to provide its tourists to find a natural genuine piece.

 1. Shopping Manali Mall Road

Shopping Center Road is the most busy location in this slope complex known as the Manari core.  It is probably the best place to visit Manari in December, and it is places in accommodation, restaurants, neighbors, nearby shops and retail stores through the waterfall.

Area: Himachal Pradesh, Mall Road, Manali

Activities: Eat your heart store, eat in a famous cafeteria, eat food in the neighborhood of Himaharu.

 2. Solang Valley

Manari Experience What is it for sports? On the trip to Manali in December 2021, I would like to thank the Solang Valley supernatural in several exciting exercises.  Solang is a traveler who are praised by its beautiful aspects and the brave exercises that are climbing in Manari. Only 14 km from the center area.

 3. Old Manali

Old Manali is a sky of the sky explorer from the shopping center, just 3 kilometers from the city center. December explorers can probably participate both traditional culture and modern cultures with the best location in Manari and the combination of sanctuary and decent cafes with one hand.

 4. Siyyali Mahadev

Siyyali Mahadev Temple is located in Manari and it’s just a stone launch of Mall Road. The temple of Manali dedicated to Shiva Lord Shiva has a wooden engineering and a quiet environmental factor.

 5. Gulated

December, what is the duration of snow from Manal?  Visit the wonderful city of Gulaba at that time. Gulaba is a place of development vacation located at 4300 meters high in a full space of Manari. This is probably the best place to visit Manari when Rohtang’s pass is closed by Substantial Nevadas in December. Several exercises and detailed perspectives near the snowy mountains are delighted by tourists.


Hampta Pass Trek, located 4,270 m, is a small corridor connected to Lahaul in the Kullu Valley range and PIR PANJAL. Kullu Manali is the best place for guests pursuing the climbing sidewalk on the mountain in December in December. In the pale, you can see a side of delicious green mountains of Kullu, another cold desert of Lahal.

 7. Beas Kund

Beas Kund is one of the tourist sites of most of the Lords of Manal. One of the most beloved places in Manari in December is the most beloved to avoid a time of calm to avoid a time of calm. The explorer can appreciate the great perspective of Hanuman Tibba’s highest point, Ladakhi Peak and Fellowship, for example.

 8. Dechen Chokehor Mahavihara

The Tibetan cloister is in a beautiful Kullu valley, Dechen Choekhor Mahavihara. This non-beneficial association means tracking Tibetan Buddhist lifestyle habits with Tibet’s partner.  In December, the traveler can find harmony in the middle of the attractive mountains of the Himaasal during Manari’s visitation, the places to visit are probably loose.


CHANDRAKHANI PASS is an ideal place to visit Manari and requests the perfect city of Malena in December. The visit to Rumsu and the city of Pullag can be collected through the comfortable Chandrakenipas field for brave visits.

 10.  Gauri Shankar Temple

Another highlight of Hindu, dedicated to lord shiva, is the Temple of Gauri Shankar. This temple in the 12th century is probably the best area to see in Manari in December, and close to the famous Nagasil Palace, and guests can provide complex models on the premises.

 11. Kasol

Kasol is probably the most important objection for hikers and can be ignored during your excursion to Manali in December. Kasol is a place where the mysterious Valley of Parvati is humble, spending a quiet night and to thank the outdoor water supply.

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