Voltage Partners with Google Cloud to Scale Bitcoin and Lightning Network Infrastructure

Miami Beach, Florida (Hexa PR Wire – May 20, 2023)–Voltage, a leading provider of Lightning as a Service (LaaS), announced today its collaboration with Google Cloud to enhance its Bitcoin and Lightning Network infrastructure. This venture aims to provide more efficient real-time payment solutions for businesses worldwide.

Graham KrizekFounder and CEO, Voltage
Graham Krizek, Founder and CEO, Voltage
Bobby Shell, VP Marketing, Voltage
Bobby Shell, VP Marketing, Voltage

Streamlining Enterprise Operations

Launched in 2020, Voltage has made a mark as an innovative enterprise solution provider, enabling businesses to send and receive payments with almost zero fees. Collaborating with Google Cloud enables Voltage to extend its hosting providers and locations, and it’s expected to empower brands that depend on efficient payment solutions.


Creating Global Opportunities

This strategic collaboration allows customers to establish Bitcoin and Lightning Nodes in Google Cloud in multiple locations worldwide. Thus, it provides businesses with a global customer reach, and an ability to create engaging micropayment experiences for web users.

Solving Key Business Challenges

Voltage, through this partnership, addresses three key challenges for businesses. Firstly, it enables efficient handling of money transfers over the Lightning Network. Secondly, it allows businesses to access a global audience via an interoperable Lightning Network standard. Lastly, it facilitates successful microtransactions that have been less viable with conventional payment methods.

Leveraging Google Cloud’s Global Network

By tapping into Google Cloud’s vast global network, Voltage is set to deliver superior services to its users. The benefits of this partnership include:

  • The capacity to serve a global audience with initial operations planned in Iowa, Netherlands, and Singapore.
  • Deployments on a high-quality cloud with excellent availability and networking.
  • The ability to seamlessly run a Bitcoin infrastructure close to existing workloads.

Google Cloud’s commitment to supporting cryptocurrencies, coupled with its leadership in cloud-native technologies, presents Voltage with an opportunity to scale its platform. This partnership satisfies complex enterprise requirements, pushing for wider enterprise adoption.

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