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Reasons to be with Chadar Trek in 2021

Chadar Trek is a lonely journey in the Himalayas that can deeply inspire you. Walking along the grayish-white stream and walking through the impressive mountains of Ladakh is a completely unique encounter. Chadar Trek is at an altitude of 11,150 feet. When the temperature drops to -30 degrees, it feels like traveling to the North Pole. An excursion to Chadar Trek is enough to make you think about the Zanskari culture, because the locals warmly invite you. 2021 Chadar Trek will be the best trip of all time, because it will be an encounter that should not be taken lightly.

The  journey will take you to the snowy fields, the cobbled canyons that guide the Zanska Stream, and the warm culture that is expected. Obviously, there are many motivations for Chadar Trek in 2021. One reason is that this experience will continue for several years, because the development of highways will make it unimaginable for people to travel long distances on icy streams. If you are thinking about starting a bold Chadar Trek, now is an ideal opportunity.

Before heading to Chadar Trek in Ladakh, members must undergo a clinical evaluation to ensure that they are adequately suited to assume responsibility in this way. The best opportunity for a trip to Chadar is from mid-January to mid-February, because here you can see the waterfalls of the Zanskar river that are completely frozen from start to finish. This heavenly waterfall is called Nerak Waterfall. Cycling allows you to easily stroll along the icy creek. Let’s see what are the obvious reasons that make you crazy for Chadar Trek 2020?

 Chadar Trek

 If you are looking for an Indian tour group, Chadar Trek is a fantasy journey for everyone. This is an interesting trip because it allows you to walk on the frozen canals. There are many different trips to experience mountains and valleys, and this time it is extraordinary. Experience the wonderful route of the Zanska River. You can build your own shore camp near the creek and make the most of your time. The most amazing aspect of this Chadar 2020 tour is the ancient cave of Tibb, whose dividers always remain black in the shadows due to the stable exhaust cloud from the open fire. The members enjoyed singing and preparing a hot dinner.

 Things you have never seen before

 Another motivation for taking the Chadar 2020 tour is that you will see some incredible sights that are not common for observers on a relaxing day. The coldest season of the year shows the true magnificence of Ladakh because it completely changes the face of the region. Because it is located at an extremely high altitude, it offers the most impressive view of the river valley. There are several waterfalls that freeze in winter. The viewing angle of the waterfall is so good that it is difficult to observe. If you see goats roaming in the valley, consider yourself lucky, because natural creatures are rare here.

 Traveling under challenging conditions

 January is the coldest month in Ladakh, and the entire region is closed. It is almost incomprehensible for anyone who is not used to travel here without any problems. Members absolutely must undergo clinical evaluation and provide health certification at the same time. The temperature can drop below zero during the day and below -30 degrees at night. Completing this trip under such conditions is a test. Members wear small gears to keep them warm at all times, such as a warm bed for walking, hot soup, warm water for drinking, and comfortable clothes.

 Witness a whole new world

 Chadar’s journey will take you out of the usual familiarity. Imagine spending a night of city life in a cool area like Ladakh. Now nature is your guide. In the natural environment of the Chadar tourist area, you will get a wonderful encounter in a completely different world. The ideal way to study this excursion is to study the Ladakh people, their difficulties, and lifestyle.

 Chadar Trek is not an ordinary trek, an explanation will be found when possible. You will start this journey as an ordinary person, but you will return as a strong, confident, and fearless person. This is a journey not to be taken lightly and not to be missed. Chadar 2020 Trek awaits your arrival, this will be an extraordinary journey and you will not stay any longer.


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