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9 Reasons You Need to Clean Your Carpet

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Carpets play a variety of roles in different homes. These include acting as a decorating material for the room because of their colours and patterns and being an insulating material to warm the feet against the coldness of the floor. When new, the carpets look very attractive. However, when they become old, they tend to wear out and fade in colour, thereby appearing very irritating.

Many things damage a carpet; a carpet is considered torn when the secondary backing is separated from the little support called Delamination.

Carpets have two layers which are primary and secondary. Moving large objects across your carpet makes it break easily and spoil. But that is not all; having excessive moisture on your carpets will cause them to buckle. You would agree that it is annoying to have small tears on your carpet; we hate that they make the home lose its beauty. But often, we fail to admit that our carpets should receive a professional touch at least once in awhile.

Yes, your carpets deserve the treat of a professional carpet cleaner regularly. If you do not know the best techniques to use for cleaning a carpet, you may never be able to remove all the dust mites and foul smells. Also, professional carpet cleaners know what the carpets need to stay new for a longer time, especially those in high traffic areas.

You should contact Carpet Cleaner London to take care of your carpet cleaning needs. We use eco-friendly cleaning materials and techniques to ensure that your carpets stay beautiful and new.

Below are some reasons you should keep your carpet clean

  1. Germs exist

Besides outside the house and the bathrooms, there is another secret place for germs to hide in your home; it is the carpet. Germs easily get lost between the fibres of your carpet and cause illnesses to your family members.

The carpet fibres trap toxicair, smoke from cigarettes, chemicals, and other pollutants, and when they are not cleaned, they release them back to the home.

No one loves the idea of getting ill because of a dirty carpet. So, if you have a bit of a situation in your house, you need the service of our professional carpet cleaner –contact us. Having a carpet cleaning company like Carpet Cleaner London is an added advantage because we are just a phone call away. Our services are also very affordable.

  1. There could be norovirus

Maybe you haven’t heard of it, but there is a virus that gets into your carpet and hides in there for up to six weeks. This virus is called the norovirus. It tends to become an airborne virus when people walk over a carpet containing it. This virus shows similar symptoms to what people have with food poisoning.

  1. Dirty carpets cause asthma attacks and other severe conditions

It is even more dangerous to have dirty carpets trap air in your home because they can trigger an asthma attack. Asthmatic attacks are not the only thing that they cause; they also lead to rhinitis and eczema.

Your health is very vital as well as that of your family’s. Having dirty and unkempt carpets can lead to very severe health challenges, making you spend a fortune in the clinic for yourself or your family members.

Why wait until someone falls ill before calling a carpet cleaner? With professional cleaning, you can rest knowing that you and your family are secure from every form of attack that a carpet could trigger.

  1. Low air quality

When you do not regularly clean your carpets, air quality in your home will drop. This is because of the dirt that has found a dwelling place in your carpet.

  1. Foul odour

You would agree with us that dirty carpets are smelly and they can change the scent of the entire house. We know you don’t want that, and it is incredibly embarrassing when you have visitors coming around.

Terrible impressions can cost you so much than what you would have spent to get a professional carpet cleaner to maintain the carpets.

Carpets smell when there is moisture in them, and the underlying materials of your carpet encourage mildew; this can be a problem.  You don’t need to tolerate that musty smell.

  1. Dog poops

Though you may not own a dog, you can still have dog poop on your carpet.

We walk on the grasses and come back to our houses. To add to this, the kids go out to the park from time to time, step on these microscopic organisms and bring them into the home.

Shoes are the culprits of bringing animal waste, and the best place for them to wipe off is on the carpet when we get home. So, you need to clean your carpet, and better still, take off the shoes before entering the house.

  1. Bugs

Carpets are convenient; it is one of the reasons we enjoy having them. But when we do not handle them properly, they tend to hide insects in their fibres. Cleaning your carpets with a vacuum cleaner weekly helps to remove all the existing bugs.

  1. Mould

When liquids spill on the carpet, it soaks it up at a faster rate. This is why we advise people to clean up their spills on the rug as quickly as possible. If possible, use an enzyme cleaner to prevent the growth of mould.

When food and drinks spill and soak into your carpet, they tend to breed microorganisms. These organisms can cause different forms of allergies; hence, it is best to prevent them from breeding in your home.

  1. Dust mites

Dust mites appreciate places with high humidity, so you need to keep your carpets dry. They come from the droppings that fall on your carpet, including the flakes from your skin. That is why you need to get a professional carpet cleaner to shake them off, or do you want to have a home full of dust mites? The exciting fact about dust mites is that they never stop multiplying when they are in a comfortable place.

It is never too expensive when it has to do with your health. Health is vital and is needed to enjoy wealth.

To stay healthy, you must live in a clean and conducive environment. So, regularly book for professional carpet cleaning services to give you a perfect home cleaning. Carpet Cleaner London is a reputable company and has been tested and trusted to keep your home sparkling.

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