Remove Canon MX922 Error Code b200?

Remove Canon MX922 Error Code b200?

I am printing with a Canon printer mx922 and am seeing an Canon MX922 Error Code b200. It asked me if I wanted to restart the printer, but it didn’t happen. I am unable to use my printer until the b200 support codes are removed. How do I remove the error b200 from my Canon printer

This article is meant for Canon printers.

It is very frustrating when you attempt printing any essential documents from the printer but suddenly gets an error code b200 for your business profile.. This is the most common error code and the most dangerous for your canon printer because it tells you that your printer has failed to function correctly.

What Is Canon MX922 Support Code Error B200?


The most profound research revealed several reasons why the Canon MX922 Printer displays the support code “b200” on the printer screen.


  1. Ink carriage jamming in the printer: In the past, if there was any paper jamming on the Canon MX922 printer, there was a chance that the ink cartridge might get jammed over the printer grip. It is important to clear the jammed carriage prior to printing. A jammed carriage will result in the same b200 Support Code on your Canon mx922 Printer.
  2. You might find the waste ink tank full. The waste ink tank holds ink from cleaning Canon Pixma MX922 printers. If the tank gets full, it’s a good idea to check it. To remove the Canon Support Code b200 from your printer’s ink tank, clean it.
  3. Cartridges become dry (never used for a long period): There are two types to choose from in the Canon mx922 Printer 2 and 4+. These cartridge holes can dry out and cause the Canon printer error code b200 to appear if you continue to use your printer for long periods.
  4. It is overheating of the Print Head (blocking the connection). – Sometimes, this happens when you are printing too many pages from the Canon Pixma 922 printer. The printer’s printing head is then overheated. This is when the printer’s print head becomes disconnected from the cartridges. The Canon error code “b200” flashes on the printer screen.
    1. Faulty Cartridges Also, you will find this b200 service code on the Canon mx922 printer.


These possible causes can be checked before proceeding to the fixing portion of the support code B200.


The best way to fix the Canon error code b200


You may believe that simply changing the print head will solve your problem. It is much more expensive to replace the print head than to buy a new printer. To clear error code b200, we recommend following these simple steps.


  1. Then turn off the printer. It will remain as is for the next 30-40mins. It will reset all functions and cool the printer down.
  2. Examine the printer for paper jams. If you find any, please open the front door.
  3. Then clean the printhead with a computer-enabled printer maintenance tool.
  4. The next step is replacing the cartridges.
  5. Install the latest Canon printer drivers on the computer.
    1. The print head must be manually cleaned using a moist cloth or tissue. Clean the printhead’s gold strips.


Notice: If you see the Canon mx922 Error Code b200, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Canon Printer Support for assistance.

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