Rupin Pass – Uttarakhand Himalaya

The exception of Rupin Pass Trek. She walks through the wetland and hides the snowfall and crosses the road, all these things are attractive and impressive. After Rollkund Trek is completed, Rupin Pass is on our list, and the desire to finally achieve Trek. By the way, our first trekking to Rupin Pass will pass along the way, so this is a bit bigger.

Rupin Pass Trek is definitely one of the best tickets if there is a survey on the topic of the best walk of India Himalayas. In Rupin Pass Trail, Amazing comes every day. The best attractions that can be seen are 11,500 feet tall and the three-story Rupin waterfall. Take a path where each turn changes the landscape.

 Dehradun, from Dhaula

Dehradun, we started at the Trekking Base on May 24, 2016. We met our walk partners with Dehradun.  We were 20 years old. The first meeting was a bit of fear in our heart, but we have all become an excellent team.


We had a hand to Dhaula after a long and spilled. Dhaula is a beautiful place with a large tree canopy. Near the Krilpin River, our store was built.  Our trekking leader and the remaining part of the team were familiar with the rest of the day. The members of our group came from Pune, Delhi, Amedabad and Surat, and we come from Kolkata. We came from Bangalore.

The next morning, we all washed together and ready to take a walk. It is our next camp of 11 kilometers Dhaula Trail.  We started a walk to the sewer.


Taxation is always the first day of trekking. I had a certain distance that was upset to most of us. However, we quickly got rhythm and walk easily. At noon, we arrived at the sewer and we receive hot lunch.  We stayed at the sewer in the residence. Sewa is a slightly sleepy city, and it looked like a temple that became the most important structure of the city. A good example of the Kinnauri architecture was a temple. At that time, the temple was closed. When the villagers asked, they said they were common to 12 villages, and the idol moved to all the villages every month.  Well, I heard that we were unique! The next day, Sewa began Jiskun. First, I made a drop to Ruple River. Here, I crossed a small tree bridge on the river Rupine to Himachal Pradesh from the hands of Uttarek.


This is one of the most outstanding aspects of the day. Next, I went up the path of Gosanpa. This is a place where a difficult part arrives. It was a road advantage, and on a Dustprois road, we had to walk about 6 km. We saw that the car moved beyond us! Finally, we obtained a dusty road and we arrived at the town after damaging a few hours. This was another ascending path of the town of Jesk Village. However, as soon as Jiskun arrived, the people and our house were lost by our fatigue.  It was a wonderful homemade stones and trees that received us.

 Udaknal-Dhandnas Thanch

The next day, our walk started over the upper limit to the Dhaka Village. The last town on the road to Rupin Pass Trek is Dhaka. During our promotion, we met many children from school who met us in a beautiful “Namaste”. The town seems to be hanging on the cliff, the jacker is also called a pendant town. It is a trailback of Jhaka to the forest, Udaknal, in the next camp.  It was a wonderful camp with a cliff view.

We take snow for the first time. Snow bridge we had to cross. We arrived at a place called Buras Kandi after trekking for several hours.

This is Trelin’s finishing point.  We walked in the center of the river bed walking in the center of Roddendron Tree.

We were able to see the Rupin waterfall for the first time before this place. It was certainly a view of seeing it. In fact, we were able to feel the adventure we had before. We had to climb cascades! We have arrived at the camp of our day, the camp of our day.  The only place where you can find in this trekking is Dhanders Phufach. All the site is incredibly beautiful and Lupine’s waterfalls have an idea. The snowy valleys with many waterfalls were also adjacent to two aspects. In our aspects, we could see 12 waterfalls. A better camp that this could not be there.

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