Waterproof case

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Waterproof Cases

Waterproof case

Samsung Galaxy S9+ already has the IP68 rating. It means they are dust and water-resistant.

So, why do you need a waterproof case?

Galaxy S9+ is dust and water-resistant but not properly. S9+ can stay in 1.5 meters deep water for 30 minutes. It has to be freshwater.

It means that during rain or in a bathtub, you can use your phone without any tension.

But you can not ensure that your phone is not going to fall in dirty water. Cause most of the water around us is dirty.

Besides protection, what other advantages or benefits can you get?

You can take underwater pictures. When you go to a beach, you can take pictures of underwater creatures and plants. You can save the moment you spend on and in the water with your phone.

You have a phone, so you don’t need a waterproof camera or buy one, all you need is a waterproof case and you are good to go.

Waterproof cases can also save your phone from an unexpected accident. You are having fun and one of your friends might push you on the pool.

Here are some waterproof cases that will increase the water-resistant of your Samsung Galaxy S9+.

  1. Janazan Samsung Galaxy S9+ Plus Waterproof Case.

The first one is from Janazan. They provide water, sand, shock, and snowproof cases for Samsung and iPhone mobiles.

With this waterproof case, you can do all sorts of things that you can do normally.

  • You can still use a wireless charger or a normal charger to charge your phone.
  • All the power buttons and volume buttons are useable.
  • You can use Touch ID.
  • The sounds will be a little bit affected.
  • It has a screen protector built-in.
  • With this waterproof case, your Galaxy S9+ can stay good for 30 minutes in 6.2 or you can say 2 meters deep water.
  • It is not just waterproof but also shock, dust, and snowproof.

You can carry your phone everywhere now, whether it’s snowy mountains or beaches.

But after buying the case, check the case properly if it’s perfectly ok or not. If the case is damaged, it might damage your phone.

To do that, set up the case without your phone and put it underwater for 5 minutes. Use a heavy object to keep the case underwater and see if there is any bubble coming out.  After 5 minutes pull the case out of the water and open it. If the inside of the case is dry then, it is safe to use.

  1. LifeProof FRĒ Series Waterproof Case.

This is from Lifeproof. They have their own website. You can buy from Amazon, eBay, or from their official website.

They sell cases for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and Google phones. They also sell accessories and backpacks.

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ waterproof case is very beautiful. Unlike other waterproof cases, it’s a case that you can use like any other normal phone case. There are also many Samsung galaxy s9 cardholder cases available in the market see the reviews and details.

As for the features,

  • You have all the access to the power and volume button like a normal case.
  • Both the headphone and charger is useable.
  • With this waterproof case, your phone can stay in water for 1 hour in 2 miters/6.6 feet deep water.
  • It is also snow, dust, shock, and dirtproof.
  • With this waterproof case, your phone can withstand drops from 6.6 feet high.
  • It comes in 2 color combinations Black and green, and Purple and pink.

Some things are not useable like

  • On-screen fingerprint.
  • Some wireless charger.

You should read the installation guide properly. If the waterproof case is not installed perfectly, it will not work perfectly.

You can use PH paper or tissue paper to test the case. First, put the PH paper in the case and then put the case underwater. If the PH changes color or the tissue is wet, then you know that the case is damaged somewhere.

Want to know how you can repair your iPhone battery?

There are other waterproof cases available. But most of them are not as good as these two.

They are going to damage your phone instead of protecting it. They get broke very easily.

So, If you like to travel, want to capture all the moments but don’t want to spend money on a camera, or if you have kids that are very naughty, then try these cases. They will not only just protect your phone from water but also make it more durable.

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