9 Reasons Service Operations in Roofing Business Need Automation

9 Reasons Service Operations in Roofing Business Need Automation

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Many would say it is obvious why a roofing business needs automation. It is like a miracle drug that could cure any disease that a business is inflicted with. Well, true for most cases, but not until a company is fully aware of the problem and has a solid automation strategy.

Automation can free up resources for more efficient working, eliminate or reduce manual intervention to prevent human errors, and speed up the processes to achieve more with less. And yet many roofing businesses still manage their operations on paper or on a spreadsheet.

Why is it so?

One of the key reasons for paper-reluctance is the mindset. Business leaders often are not comfortable with change, as it might disrupt their way of working; it also means pushing the team to adapt to new techniques, and set alternative standards. Making a switch from methods that were already working there means risking what one has in hand, and not everyone in the leadership team is a risk-takers.

Another reason could be the high upfront cost. While there many off-the-shelf software solutions are available, they fail to fully configure the service operations of the roofing business. Thus materializing the fear of most roofing business leaders that they have to make massive changes in how their team works.

Is it possible to get software for a roofing business, which is highly configurable and yet is cost-effective? A little research on the subject could open up new possibilities for your business with the power of automation and emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, and Machine Learning.

The fact is service operations are getting complex. Your business needs automation for a multitude of reasons. Here we have enlisted 9 reasons how automation can help you manage your service operations more efficiently.

  1. Streamline service workflow: Massive paper dependence often creates chaos in processes, leading to a totally messed up service workflow. With automation, most of those redundant activities could be removed to achieve streamlined service operations leading to reduced turnaround time.

  2. Increased Output: As most of the tasks get automated, team members feel less burdened to actually focus on the core job. It frees up the resources, giving you an opportunity to achieve more with less. The ability to save time means high operational efficiency.

  3. Reduce the cost of service operations: Profit margin in the roofing contractor business is significantly affected even in the case of minor errors. For instance, human interventions in paper-based processes are high, thus there is an increased chance of errors. Such errors are costly for a service business. Automation can reduce the chances of manual errors, thus leading to a reduction in the cost of operations.

  4. Enhanced worker safety: Automation can prevent mishaps to a large extent, depending on the level of automation in the processes. Typically in roofing service operations, it could increase compliance to safety measures. As with automation, operations get more transparent. You could see in real-time who is working on what and ensure reinforcement of safety measures.

  5. Improved Service Quality: Transparent service operations are key to quality service delivery. Transparency in processes allows you to make informed decisions about your people and technology. You get a bigger and clearer picture of how your team is performing so that you can effectively align resources to improve your service quality.

  6. Better Planning: Imagine a highly focused team, you have all the relevant information for decision support and you could see which processes have what roadblocks. With such information in hand, you can make better plans and effective strategies to deliver outstanding service experience to your customers.

  7. Reduced Turnaround Time: Automation reduces the administrative burden from your service team to rapidly complete a task. As your team is truly focused on their core job instead of being tangled into paperwork, they have more time in hand to complete a job, thus reducing the overall turnaround time of your entire service operations.

  8. Optimum utilization of resources: Automation makes it possible for the team to capture the data and get a better view of the processes. Digitization of processes allows you to capture organizational data, and analytics helps you to generate an insight out of it.
    Today, a varied range of roofing contractor tools are available, which are powered by digital analytics capabilities. These tools with powerful dashboards and smart visualization techniques not only allow automate your service delivery processes but generate insight as well.

  9. High Productivity: An obvious reason to choose automation for your roofing business is increased productivity. Automation increases the speed of action taken on service requests. With the right tools in hand, you could quickly schedule and dispatch your field service teams to complete the job, generate invoice in the field, take approval from the client, validate it from your accounts team and collect payment.
A Call-to-Action Are these your service goals? If these are the benefits you seek in your roofing service operations and the only roadblock is a software solution, then widening your search could help you step on to the right tool.

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