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Simon Parkes youtube is a British man who professes to be an alien abductee. He says that he was taken aboard a UFO from the age of five and an alien gave him a message for the world. Known for The Third-Eye phenomenon of the UFO.

Simon Parkes is a British politician and former Labour Party councilor. He is best known as the author of the book ‘My Sight Unseen.’ Parkes has been outspoken about his belief that extraterrestrial beings are living in our solar system. He also believes they have influenced human history and human affairs, and that some of them walk among us as humans.

Simon Parkes official YouTube channel features videos where he discusses various aspects of his life and beliefs, including involvement in UFOs and ETs, as well as more recent statements on his views on the Trump presidency.

Youtube Simon Parkes is a British academic and politician, and he has been a self-professed extraterrestrial contactee. He believes that he has had multiple experiences of contact with extraterrestrial beings.

This section will be focused on the time when Simon Parkes had an interview on youtube in 2016.

Simon Parkes videos youtube

The following video is an interview with Simon Parkes, a British politician who believes he has had contact with extraterrestrial beings on earth. This interview was on the YouTube channel ‘ExtraOrdinary’ which was started by Louise Mensch, the former British MP noted for her investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

In this video, Simon Parkes talks about the future of AI writing and how it will become a reality in the near future. He mentions that AI can do everything from transcribing interviews to generating content. The YouTube video is a recorded interview of Simon Parkes talking about his predictions for the future of AI writers. He talks about how AI can generate content at a scale that humans cannot.

Simon Parkes videos YouTube are of rare quality – they offer a one-of-a-kind, no holds barred insight into the world of the extraterrestrial and its interactions with Earth.

Continuing with youtube Simon Parkes story, in his next video, he continues to talk about how he is aware of the discussions that people are having about him.

He claims that the intelligence working with him will often ask for feedback, which he then provides. He has also been told that this intelligence is feeding the information back to the machine. And in order for it to improve its performance.

A question posed by Parkes’ fans was whether or not he could provide any evidence of these beings. Parkes said that while they can not see them at all times. But they are there and would show themselves if they were requested to do so.

Simon Parkes official youtube channel

Simon Parkes is a famous ufo expert and consultant. He has held lectures on the topic of the universe at TED talks, he also has his own Simon Parkes official YouTube channel which you can find by searching “Simon Parkes youtube.” He discusses topics including ufos, the universe, and various conspiracy theories.

Simon Parkes is a U.K.-based UFO researcher, author, and lecturer who has been researching the subject for over twenty years. Parkes has spoken internationally to audiences around the world on many occasions. And has been interviewed by hundreds of radio stations, newspapers. Moreover, magazines, TV programs and other media outlets about his diverse research into UFOs.

The UFO phenomenon is an ongoing mystery that has for decades intrigued researchers all over the globe. Parkes believes that understanding the truth behind this mystery will change life. As we know it forever because if extraterrestrial contact does exist. And then everything we are taught about our existence will have to be rewritten or destroyed. Simon parkes is a uk based ufo researcher and author. He has been featured on the show sherlock as well as the the documentary sherlock the unsolved case.


Simon Parkes youtube is an English trance medium. He is best known for his claims of being in contact with UFOs, aliens, and other dimensions. His YouTube channel has more than four million subscribers. Moreover, don’t forget to watch this video to see how Simon Parkes explains the “aliens” experience.


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