SP Group and SMRT’s Strides To Launch EaaS Service for EV Drivers and Customers

Globally, there is an unstoppable adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Singapore has now started taking decisive steps to promote electrification. The government of Singapore has launched the EV early adoption incentive (EEAI) under which it will offer a 45% rebate on additional registration fees (ARF). The transport ministry is also planning to build 60,000 charging points by 2030 and spend S$30 million on electric vehicle (EV) related activities.

SMRT, a leading multi-modal transport operator in Singapore, is working on EV related ventures to promote the government’s vision of cleaner and greener transportation in the coming years. Strides Transportation, a subsidiary of SMRT Road Holdings, has partnered with SP Group (SP) to launch Electrification-as-a-Service (EaaS) to its EV drivers and corporate customers.

What is EaaS?

Strides and SP have agreed on a strategic collaboration to provide EaaS services in Singapore. EaaS is a suite of end-to-end solutions that include charging infrastructure, a digital management platform, and provision and maintenance of electric vehicles (EVs). Currently, SP has installed 340 charging points in 71 locations. Under the partnership, the two companies will develop innovative solutions and charging infrastructure that will help companies and fleet owners to accelerate their transport sustainability plans.

EaaS has enormous potential when it comes to electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Singapore. The EaaS model of SP Group and SMRT’s Strides will go far beyond the traditional mobility solutions. Strides’ and SP’s joint venture will launch technology-enabled solutions for balancing demand and consumption of electric vehicles across the commercial sector. It is going to increase cost-efficiency and improve EV portfolio management in the country.

Tan Kian Heong, president of SMRT Road Holdings said: “SMRT looks forward to their collaboration with SP Group, which greatly helps in powering their fleet of EVs, which include the electric taxis they plan to transition to.”

SMRT Chairman, Seah Moon Ming, said: “Moving forward, we will innovate and develop new capabilities to grow the Company. We will continue to invest in People and Technology. Kaizen and continuous improvement efforts will also be deepened at the individual, system, and company levels.”

SP’s group chief executive officer, Stanley Huang stated the partnership will drive greater operational efficiencies and sustainable outcomes for customers and drivers.


Strides will leverage SP’s high-speed public EV charging network to provide access to high-speed chargers to EV drivers and commercial fleet owners. The EaaS services will provide greater convenience and a quicker turnaround time for EV owners in the country.

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