The Bank Has Reduce Credit Card Limits, What Does It Mean?

Why would a borrower ask the bank to reduce the credit card limit? 

Why may a bank client himself need to reduce the credit limit? After all, it would seem that it will be beneficial for him if he has more funds at his disposal. The following are possible reasons for people asking to reduce the amount of available money on a credit card. 


Features of the character of the cardholder

The more a person has, the more greedy he becomes. The feeling that there is a decent amount on the credit card gives rise to the temptation to spend it all. Many banks offer to use some amount of money without interest for a certain period of time. This relaxes the borrower, and he decides to make large purchases, and when the time comes to return the money, it turns out that the person does not have it. 


Striving to save on interest

If a bank client cashes money, then a percentage is charged for this procedure. On average, it is about 3% per month, but over the year it is already 36%. This is quite tangible. 


Security issue

When the borrower is sure that the additional funds will not be useful in the near future, he can ask the bank to reduce the credit card limit. This makes sense because if the credit card is lost, the fraudsters will be able to withdraw only a small amount from it. If violators of the law manage to withdraw a lot of money from the card, then the entire responsibility for the payment of this amount will rest on the shoulders of the client. 


Keep in mind: according to the recently introduced amendments, in order for the bank to be able to raise the card limit, it needs to have the borrower’s written consent for this operation. In addition, the upper threshold value of the limit is agreed with the client and fixed in the contract. 

As you can see, there are good reasons for the bank to reduce its available borrowed funds.


How can a borrower convince a bank to reduce a credit card limit?

From time to time, bank customers tell how they came to the office with a request to reduce the available limit, but they were denied this. Employees of financial institutions justify this by the fact that such a procedure is impossible. 


The truth is, the employees are a little tricky here. If an increase in the limit is possible, then a decrease in it should also be available. The point is rather that they simply do not understand exactly how to carry out this operation, so it is easier for them to give a negative answer than to understand the details. 


All banks have a general scheme: the client goes to the office where he was given a credit card, there he draws up an application where he asks the bank to reduce the credit card limit or not to increase it anymore. 


There are two things to consider here:


  • If there is a debt, then it is required to eliminate it (up to the new limit amount). 
  • Some banks will no longer raise the limit in the future. 


When the bank still does not want to reduce the limit, you can personally set restrictions on spending for a day/month. In this situation, neither you nor the scammers will simply be able to withdraw more funds than you previously determined. According to the rules, such a framework can only be set for your own card, but in fact, mobile applications and Internet banking functions make it possible to control other people’s credit cards. For example, parents will be able to reduce their child’s expenses. Spouses who seek to limit the unreasonable spending of their partners also resort to this solution. 


How to reduce your credit card limit:

  • Go to the bank’s website and there, in the card management section, enable the desired function. 
  • Fill out the application at the bank branch. 
  • Leave a request on the website or in the official mobile application. 
  • Call your financial service provider. Use a self-service terminal or ATM. 


Lowering your limit is a good way to keep your spending under control. If desired, the cardholder can override all settings. To do this, you will need to go to the bank office again or contact the hotline with a request. In order to confirm the change in the settings, the client will have to give a secret password word or enter the code that he will receive in the message. The second option is the simplest and most convenient.


Many banks allow you to reduce the limit right in the application. It is very simple to do this: enter the amount that you are ready to withdraw from the credit card per month, and that’s it, now you simply cannot spend more. If you suddenly need more money, then this restriction can also be removed in the mobile application. 


A bank client can set a general limit or set a limit for a day, month, year, and ask the bank not to raise the possible loan amount. To do this, the owner of the credit card only needs to contact the employees of the credit department in any way convenient for him. Limits can be set based on time intervals.


Consequences when the bank reduced the credit card limit


Decreasing or increasing the limit can result in the following: 

  • updating data on current debts; 
  • change in the payment burden on an individual; 
  • change in the level of the bank’s confidence in the borrower.


An increase or decrease in the credit limit may affect conditions such as

  • interest rate; 
  • Grace period; 
  • elimination of debt.


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