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The best place to rest and enjoy Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek in Garhwal, Himalayas, at an altitude of 9,915 meters, is one of the most famous tourist adventures in the world. The snow-capped mountains are at the end of the hike and have a 100-degree view. Some of the popular peaks of Nag Tibba are Swargrohini, Skrantha, Kala Nag, and Gangotri.

 Nag Tibba is located in the middle of the two famous peaks of Pin and Dhauladhar at an altitude of approximately 9,915 meters. When you reach the top of the Nag Tibba trek, enjoy a panoramic view of the top of the Nag Tibba trek from the horizon. On a clear day, the peaks of Bandarpoonch, Gangotri, Kalanag and Srikanth look as if someone has decorated them with the purest orange.

 Nag Tibba Peak is located in the Tehri Garhwal area of ​​Uttarakhand. This is one of the most famous hikes near Delhi. This weekend trek can enjoy the magnificent views of the Banda Ponzi Mountains, Swagaroni Mountains, Gangotri Mountains and Kedanat Peak.

 The entire Nag Tibba route is a circular route with another landscape of azaleas, mountains, oak trees and cedars. The best way is to climb up Nag Tivba and then down to Bhatwadi village on your Uttarakhand trip. A walk in Nag Tibba is a fun weekend holiday, allowing locals to get rid of the chaos of work and life and relax.

 Kempty Falls–

 If you love nature, Kempty Falls has a lot to enjoy. It can clean up large-scale floods in high-rise rivers, and can build a huge lake-like structure under Kempty Falls. Perhaps one day a picnic in Mussuri is the most attractive place.

 Kanatal Hill Station Located in the picturesque Garhwal Himalaya area, Kanatal Hill Station is an ideal place for family weekends. A decaying soul visiting a mountain resort will never miss the chance to enjoy the sun-drenched coniferous peaks surrounded by the sun.

 Nag Tibba

 This is one of the highest points in the Nagatiba Mountains. If you plan to visit Nag Tibba during your honeymoon, take a few hours to enjoy the magical panorama from sunrise to sunset.


 Nainbagh is located in the Dheri district, Uttarakhand. It is the intersection of the three most famous areas of Utakas, Dherri and Dehradun. It is picturesque. Nature lovers and hikers also love this place.

 Pantwari Village

 In the Dhanaulti district, Pantwari Village is the base of the Nag Tibba hiking trail. Everyone who plans to stay for one night will find hotels, small shops and a variety of options.

 Places to stay and rest Nag Tibba Trek

 Nag Tibba Trekking Spot There are no accommodation options nearby. If you want to spend the night in Nag Tibba, please make your own overnight camping plan. You can bring your own camping equipment or rent it with your travel partner. There are even some cheap hotels in Pantwari or Devalsari, depending on which route you want to take.

 Kempty Falls

 Kempty Falls is one of the most attractive places, you can get rid of all difficulties. This tourist destination is one of the most popular and popular destinations in Uttarakhand. Kempty Falls has always been a fascinating picnic spot for soul travelers founded about 150 years ago.


 Kanatal or Lost Village is one of the charming hilly resorts, you can take close-up photos of this mountain resort. At an altitude of 8,500 meters is the Kanatal mountain station, suitable for winter when you want to blend into the natural environment.

 Lal Tibba

 Lal Tibba is one of the highest peaks in Mussoorie. You can enjoy the happy sunrise and sunset. It is a popular tourist destination. On a clear day, you can also visit the important peaks of the Lal Tibba mountain range.


 Nainbagh is located at the intersection of the Dehradun districts of Uttarkashi, Tehri and Tehri Uttarakhand. The village of Pantwari is 12 km away and is the base for Nag Tibba hiking and expeditions.

 Pantwari Village

 Pantwari is not an interesting village in Uttarakhand, but it is a perfect destination for people who want to explore the history of the picturesque town in the hills of North India. It also spreads its complete elegance across the charming mountains of the town. The best way is to climb Nag Tivba on your journey to Uttarakhand and then descend to Bhatwadi Village. The Nag Tibba trek is a fun weekend, free from the chaotic work and life, and let the locals unwind.


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