The Complete Guide to Use All of Spotify Features in Effective Way

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms that allows users to listen to unlimited music for free. It is a large-scale platform having more than 100 million active users, and it was initially introduced in 2008. It can be accessed through your desktop or by installing its official app on your smartphone. 

If you are a music lover, you must use this platform for unlimited streaming. From my personal experience, I have always been intrigued by the idea of Spotify because of its ideal features. If you are a musician, it provides you with the best opportunity to reach an audience with your recorded work and live performance. 

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about whether or not this platform is fair to artists, particularly for a smaller musician who doesn’t have a big fan base yet. However, it also enables you to find an extensive library of more than 40 million songs.  

Spotify Web Player

As we all know, this platform is a music and podcast streaming platform founded by Swedish entrepreneur Daniel Ek. It enables you to find millions of songs and tracks for free. Along with this extensive library, it also enables you to create your playlist. To listen to Spotify streaming, it also provides you Spotify Web Player.

It also offers premium subscription services, including ad-free listening, offline mode, and on-demand access to the entire content library. It also extended its services while enhancing its features, such as media offerings and downloadable content. 

Premium services can be subscribed as per monthly charges. You can also buy specific songs playlist, albums, and particular videos from its store. However, while listening to music using Spotify Web Player, it is easy to lose track of what song is playing, especially when you have gone other tabs open. 

Find Specific Playlist

As described above, Spotify is the biggest music platform, and it is frequently asked how to find the specific playlist on this. So, don’t worry, it is pretty simple. If you are using a smartphone, you will see three tabs at the bottom home, search, and your search library. 

While tapping on the search button, you will search for the artists, songs, and podcasts titles. You can specify what categories you are looking for when you punch in your initial query, but this platform does a lot of the sorting for you. 

Spotify stats subscriptions to access plenty of its features. For example, if you type in the computer, you will be getting the name of the album and a song on the album, and the album will pop up. If you search for random songs, you can just scroll down and see the categories and sub-categories. You can also search for the occasion, TV Show, and movie soundtracks. 

Creating Your Library

Spotify is a big platform, and it enables you to create your library and save on it as your own. You can share that with your friends also. Spotify for the artist is the best feature and helps to keep track to save your playlist on Spotify. This artist, songs, and albums comprise saved stuff.

It is like bookmarking in the cloud the songs you have recently played. At the same time, these will appear on the front of the mobile page as smallish album thumbnails. It also provides another feature that is recently played albums appear right at the top. There is a great distinction between your saved content and recently watched content.

Making your playlist is straight for you to download and share with your friends. First, you need to go to your library on your smartphone app, tap on the giant green, and create a playlist tab. Once you have titled your playlist and created the list on Spotify, you can save your album on this platform in your playlist. 

Listening Song Offline

Using this platform, you will be able to download any song from its massive library. By downloading these songs, you can listen to them offline without having Wi-Fi or mobile data as it is early described that saving albums or songs list in your playlist is different from downloading the content from the platform. 

You will not be able to listen to the songs offline that you have saved in your playlist. The most important thing to notify is when you save something, it will be bookmarked in the cloud but not downloaded—using this platform. You will be able to download songs from the playlist and download it. 

You can download not only the song but also the whole album. If you want to download your playlist, open the song, look for the green download arrow. Your playlist is ready to scramble to download with a specified download option before you takeoff. 

Watching Videos on Spotify 

Well, Spotify is committed to providing music albums but not with the associated videos. It is also frequently asked that how to enable videos on Spotify? It may depend on your region too. These videos are available only on the limited selection of podcasts and songs, which may be enabled by default. Spotify Wrapped to access all of its premium features through subscriptions. 

These settings depend on your Spotify application that some versions enable videos off as defaults and specify the audio quality only. Well, you must also be sure about if the song contains the associated video or not. Videos may not be available for every song. Spotify also committed to adding videos for these songs later, but this process is pretty difficult. 

Streaming Quality

If you are a musician, you will also need different features to control your recording. This platform provides Its Spotify for artist feature that enables the musician to control the streaming quality up and down. You can adjust the speaking quality with simple settings. In addition, it provides you with the fine-tune setting as it is in default. 

It enables you to control its volume level and bass. It provides a quality range of 24 kbps up to 320 kbps. If you want the normal setting, you can adjust it to 96 kbps. Adjustable audio quality can help to make your recording best to reach maximum followers.

Spotify Premium Features

While every platform provides free and premium features, when we talk about Spotify, it sounds amazing with its premium feature. As a Spotify premium user, you will be able to get unlimited and high-quality streaming access as it provides you with more than 60 million songs collections with premium services.

If you are not using a Spotify premium account, you can just watch streaming with limited access and not be able to access the Spotify download feature. You can also skip some parts of the videos with paid features, whatever you don’t like. You can access these services anywhere in the world. 

The paid account can enjoy ad-free music and unlimited skips, and no limitation for the different regions. However, for premium services, you will need to sign up for on-demand subscriptions. While on the desktop, you can access the platform directly, but with the smartphone, you must have its official app.

Spotify Premium Account

To get access to the Spotify platform services, you need to sign up for the account. With a premium account, you can listen to music without limits through desktops, smartphones, speakers, and other digital devices.

It is frequently asked that how to get its premium account and what special features they can get. For Spotify login, you need to sign up. It provides you with a different account with different features and the subscription charges accordingly. It provides you with three different plans for individual, Duo, family, and student accounts. You can purchase a monthly subscription per year and lifetime access on accordingly charges. 

For the individual, you have to pay 10$ for single account access, two accounts for 12$ with unlimited access, a family account within 16$, and a student monthly subscription only in 5$. Family subscriptions can access this playlist from more than individual accounts.  

Logging in to Spotify 

If you want to get unlimited access, you have to purchase a subscription plan. And for login into Spotify, you need to sign up. By putting your detailed information, you can get a premium user account and password to log in. It may include some credentials to access that account.

Using your official account, you will be able to login into Spotify and get access to all of its premium features. However, it is frequently asked that what if someone forgot the password. So, you don’t need to worry about it, and it also provides you with an option of password recovery using your email or phone number. 

For account recovery, you must have access to your email account. But what if you are not associated with the email account? There are many ways to access your accounts, such as your phone number and apple. You can also associate your Facebook account to get access through Facebook. 

Wrap Up:

If you are unfamiliar with the Spotify platform and willing to access its services, this article is for you. In this article, we have described the complete guide to use all of its features effectively. Spotify provides free services with limited features access as well as unlimited access for the premium user. 

For the premium feature, you have to sign up for a Spotify account and select a subscription plan as an individual, student, Duo, or family account. After reading this article, you will be able to search different libraries, create your libraries, record your playlist, adjust the quality, and download these albums. 


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