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The enriching experience at Evolve Back

Coorg is a popular tourist spot known for its various attractions such as Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Iruppu falls, Madekeri Fort, Abbi Falls, etc. It is a beautiful place located on the slopes of Western Ghats and famous for coffee plantations. This place can be visited during the month of March and April. If you want to visit Coorg, then you can seek accommodation in hotels.  Evolve Back is one of the popular hotels in Coorg. In this hotel, you can enjoy many facilities while you are away from home.  You can lead a lavish life for some days.

Living in a luxurious hotel in Coorg

It is a grand hotel located on the hills of the Coorg region. When you are away from your home, you can live a luxurious life.

The different types of room options at this hotel are Lily Pool Cottage, Heritage Pool Villas and the Lilly Pool Bungalow, etc.  At Lily Pool Bungalow, you can enjoy different types of services such as free dinner, breakfast, and also free driver services. You can enjoy watching the beautiful birds on the trees or flying high in the sky. To enjoy the breathtaking sights, you can walk around the coffee plantations. It is a large 2100 sq ft. They can also enjoy different room amenities such as the private pool and bathtub. The guests of the hotel can enjoy different types of facilities such as the room service, mineral water, electric kettles, and free Wi-Fi services.  IN this room, you can also avail the facility of complimentary dinner and breakfast.  You can enjoy walking around the plantations.

You may also opt the room of Lily Pool Cottage. It is a spacious 1600 providing the best amenities to the residents.  The heritage pool villa is a large room of 4416 sq ft facing the garden. It consists of a double bed accompanied by a private and a swimming pool.

You can enjoy many types of facilities in this hotel when you are away from your home.

They provide postal services in the premises and hence you can send letters. They provide luggage assistance services to the people who are disabled. If you are sick or need medical assistance, then they provide first-aid services.  If you want to feel fresh and rejuvenated, then you can visit the spas or massage center. They provide laundry services if you want to neatly iron your clothes. The doctors are available on request whenever the customers require medical emergency.

The Evolve Back hotel also provides general services to the customers.  If you are interested in swimming then you can visit the pool area. Towels are also available at the poolside. To feel rejuvenated, you can visit the massage and spa center. To notify about any dangerous situation, security alarms are also available. The customers can stay in the cool air conditioned rooms.  You can enjoy steam and sauna bath in the room. An activity center is also available and you can enjoy performing various activities.

You can enjoy strolling in the green lawns. IN the premises, CCTV is installed to monitor the guests and the other people. The fire extinguishers are also installed to extinguish fire if a fire suddenly breaks out in the premises.  To perform workouts, you can also visit the gyms to stay fit and healthy when you are away from the home. They provide power backup facilities during the power failure.

They provide the best room facilities to the customers. Their room is attached to the bathroom. They provide electric charges to charge the mobile.  A smoke detector is also available to access smoke into the rooms. They want to create smoking free zones for the comfortable stay of the customers. The visitors can enjoy watching many channels on the flat screen television. They can read newspapers every morning as they dispatch the newspapers every morning.  In the room, they also provide the telephony services to the customers to call someone who is residing far away. If you simply ring the bell, they are available at the doorsteps to provide services.

They are following the safety protocols even during the times of pandemic. They are sanitizing every room and surfaces of the objects. And corridors to disinfect the places to prevent the spread of corona virus. Also, They provide disposable masks to the customers including the contactless room service.  They conduct thermal screening to the customers to check their temperatures. They also provide electrical sockets to the people to charge their devices or appliances. If you are expecting to keep the rooms tidier, then they also provide housekeeping services to the customers.  You can visit the library anytime if you are a voracious reader.  To enjoy drinking some beverages, you can visit the mini bar also.

They provide free Wi-Fifacilities to the customers when they are away from the homes. They provide power back-up services to the customers whenever they experience power failure. If you want to visit beach side, then they also provide umbrellas.

You can enjoy performing various activities in the premises such as walking around the plantations. Alongside, you can also enjoy the coracle sides. In the premises, they can enjoy eating multi-cuisine food items.  You can enjoy different types of local, Indian and international dishes in the premises. You can visit the Granary restaurant that provides the best Kodava cuisine. Moreover, You can also eat Kebabs and grills at the lake at Peppercorn restaurant. You can enjoy eating different types of dishes on the plantation leaf such as the North and South Indian.  At the pool villas, you can also enjoy the delight of Kodava.  You can also enjoy eating at the moonlight at the pool deck.

If you want to feel rejuvenated, then you can visit the rejuvenation center. They provide the best Ayurveda therapies along with the herbal baths offered at the spa.  From this location, you can visit many interesting places. This place is located far away from the main city. And You can enjoy watching the Surya falls located 20 kms away from the hotel. You can visit some interesting places like Kirangoor also.


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