The necessity of car servicing

Servicing is a way of maintaining your vehicle with time. Almost after 3 years of travelling, your vehicle starts getting old and has travelled certain miles. It is the most appropriate time when you should consider getting your car serviced.  

Car Service Leamington Spa is basically the repairing of different parts of your car like- tyres, engine, suspension, brakes, doors, etc. The process of servicing can also include replacements of damaged parts, changing oil, and overall inspection of key components of your vehicle. You can also call it a health check-up of your car. 

Getting your car regularly serviced is the best thing to keep your car efficient and safe. Most drivers do not understand the importance of proper maintenance but time-to-time servicing can be cost-effective, time and energy-saving. 

For people who don’t know, there are certain types of services that are offered by different garages for your vehicles.  

Interim car servicing- This is the most basic type of car servicing offered. Interim services majorly cover change of fluids like coolant, engine oil, and brake fluid. This service also includes the replacement of repair of elements that wear out quickly- lights, batteries, plugs, tyres, and filters. Considering interim car services, it is recommended you should take your car for the same every 6 months or between full servicing.  

Full car servicing- To increase the life and improve the performance of your car, you must get full car servicing done at least once in 10-12 months. Keeping your care in top-notch condition and healthy will require an effort but, a fit car will provide you safety and comfort

while driving on the road.

Full car servicing includes-

– checking air pressure– Your tyres must have an adequate level of air pressure.

 Lights– Proper interrogation of headlights, brake lights, and the indicator will be done. 

– Tyre tread- The depth of your tread will be checked, if the depth is lower than 1.6mm, you must replace your tyres at the same time. Driving with worn-out tyres can be a risk to your safety. 

– Oil and filter– The lubricating oil in your car will be changed to provide firm motion. Keeping your car’s filter clean is good for the engine’s health. 

– Tyre’s alignment and balancing– Your tyres will be set at an accurate angle with each other and equal weight will be distributed to them. After travelling certain miles, tyres tend to lose their alignment and balance. 

– Replacements– damaged parts will be replaced for improving the drive. All the minor damage will be repaired.  

Major car servicing- servicing that needs to be done every couple of years or after travelling a distance of 24,000 miles. You can call major car servicing the most comprehensive type because it involves everything from interim to full car servicing.  

MOT test- The Ministry of transport test regulated by government authorities to check your car’s safety levels. MOT Test Leamington Spa is a form of inspection of your car to make your car roadworthy. It is an annually performed test for a car over 3 years old. Basic safety parts are inspected during this test. Parts like tyres, wipers, windows, doors, seatbelt, windshield, seats, whether or your car is clean or not, brakes, lights, etc.  

It is best advised to get your MOT test done after getting a full car servicing. The chances of failing at MOT reduces if you get your car service regularly. With scheduled servicing, minor damages will be fixed, and chances of noticing any damage at the MOT test decreases. Unlike car servicing, MOT is a legal requirement and without passed MOT certification, it is a crime to drive an unfit vehicle.

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