Dear Compatriots, Brothers, Sisters, Nephews and Nieces!

Today, on the anniversary of President Ronald Regan speaking to the Association of “Youth in the United States” for the first time as President of the United States in 1981, it is also the day that President Donald Trump came to Vietnam after his first term. We wish sincere greetings to all dear people in our homeland, especially the youth who face many difficulties and challenges every day and around.

Life is not as pleasant and smooth as we dream, as when protected and cherished in the loving arms of grandparents and parents, it was even more difficult under the Communist regime. We feel guilty that we never prepared for our brothers and sisters about their psychology and how to cope with uncertainties, ever since we accepted the Mission as the President of the Republic of Vietnam, the Third.

But this letter is from my heart, hoping that everyone will get a chance to read it because I don’t want what I experienced, the pain or the unhappiness which happened to me, to recur to you, even though you are more resilient and have a braver will.

The measure of human success or worth is not materiality or fame. It is the belief, hope, patience and the will to overcome, which is the framework for honoring each person’s dignity. You can listen to my advice, learn from others, from stories you have heard, or learn from books, newspapers, friends and relatives. But all are not exemplary. Only when you yourself go through it, it’s yours. People grow up or mature by the experience and the capability to confront difficulties, not by the theory or others’ experience. The world has millions and billions of living beings, yet everyone is important; everyone has a unique position. Even when you are disappointed, please always think about your dreams boldly, confidently, calmly and steadily. Do not self-torment, remorse, or regret about what has passed. Everyone has success and failure; success brings you more confidence. The stumbling is just an experience. It would be best if you stepped forward bravely. No one can evaluate his past as the true worth of his life. The statements you make without giving it a thought can be misunderstood, just follow the way you are confident, follow the path you are determined and think that it is correct, even though no one has done it yet.

Remember that happiness is a feeling at every stage of your life, not just the moment you get to your destination. Any time is also our best starting point, and don’t hesitate to apologize or thank and forgive. Life is like a climbing journey; no need to look back too long to what you have passed or failed. Always look forward to it! When you reach the top, you will feel the whole sky. And do not forget that sincere feeling is always the most significant source of encouragement. Never expect everyone to understand you, and do not attribute it to fate. If you fall, try your best to stand up. All that you go through is your life capital. Please live sincerely to your emotions and do not forget the simple things, the lovely places that you have attached to your childhood, beautiful memories, your childhood best friends, sounds, voices, the music … made you emotional, calm, sometimes heartbreaking. But it will help you to overcome difficulties with your own feet, hands and wisdom.

Every day is a new day with the best and most unexpected things to come with your efforts. Live, sincerely and honestly. What has passed in life is valuable. Nothing lost without bringing something new or more rewarding. If we have not found it yet, please be quiet, think deeply, and realize. What you give from the heart will return to you from the heart, not only a wish or a dream but an act.

Life always has the law of cause and effect. It will always be fair, first, and later for everyone. We are the masters of ourselves. It is we who understand who we are. What can be done should be done, without pessimism, because it does not help anything more. Be optimistic and confident. We are theists; remember to pray and believe in miracles. The miracle of upper spiritual strength will come to those who are sincere.

A new, happy day is coming. My heart is always on Brothers, Sisters, Nieces and Nephews.

Sincerely and love

DAO Minh Quan


The Warmth Heart Letter From the President

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