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Things You Shouldn’t Do While Driving a Manual Car

With car manufacturers launching more and more automatic vehicles, the population of people driving manuals is decreasing drastically. There are very few drivers who know how to operate a manual gearbox and have the skills to drive a manual. However, it’s worth noting that driving an automatic car can never be as fun as cruising around in a manual car. From switching between different gears to operating the clutch at low speeds. A manual car will help you become a better driver. If you also want to improve your skills in a manual vehicle, we recommend joining a professional driving school Melbourne.

A driving institute has professional instructors who know how to work with beginner drivers. And help them understand the different dynamics of driving manuals. But, even if you’re undergoing driving lessons in Melbourne, you must avoid a few things while operating a manual gearbox to protect your car from malfunctioning. In this guide, we’re going to share a few of the most common don’ts of driving a manual car. 

  1. Don’t Rest Your Foot on the Clutch

Unlike an automatic vehicle, the third paddle at the left isn’t a footrest in a manual car. It’s a clutch that has dedicated functionality to operate the gearbox smoothly. So, if you are shifting from an automatic transmission, make sure to avoid keeping your foot on the clutch unnecessarily. 

This will put an unnecessary load on the clutch and may wear the components of your gearbox. So, in case your manual vehicle doesn’t come with a dedicated footrest. Make sure to keep your foot away from the clutch and only use it when necessary. 

  1. Don’t Rest Your Hand on the Gear Lever

Like the clutch, the gear lever in a manual car also plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the gearbox. However, if you leave your hand on the gear lever for a long time, it may cause unnecessary damage to the gearbox. 

Instead of leaving your hand on the gear lever, try to use the hand rest as much as possible. And, in case your car doesn’t have a hand rest, keep both your hands on the steering. But, in any case, don’t use the gear lever as the hand rest. 

  1. Don’t Drive at High RPMs on a Low Gear

As thrilling as flooring the vehicle at high RPMs on low gear may sound. Tt’s important to understand that this will only damage your car’s engine. If you’ve ever undergone professional driving lessons in Melbourne, you may already know that repping a car at high RPMs on low gear puts unnecessary load on the engine and also damages the car’s mileage. So, make sure to shift gears properly and increase the overall lifespan of your engine. 


So, these are a few things that you shouldn’t do while driving a manual car. Following these tips will help you keep your engine up and running for a long period. And, in case you are still a beginner, make sure to join a professional driving school in Melbourne and learn from skilled trainers.   

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