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Top 8 Best Must-have Mobile Application Features in 2021

In today’s world, mobile applications are an inseparable part of our lives. From socializing to watching your favorite TV shows, we have easy-to-use apps for everything. There are millions of mobile apps on Android Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. With fierce competition, it is not easy for a new mobile app to attain the interest of users.

The custom mobile app development services incorporate all the latest mobile app features in the new upcoming applications. In this article, we will focus on 8 must-have mobile app features in 2021.

Let us start!

Location tracking

Did you ever forget your route back home? Did you ever land in an unusual place? Well, everyone has! The location tracking feature is one of the essential features an application must possess. It automatically detects user’s locations and provides them with personalized location services. All the real-time data is automatically restored on the user’s smartphone. Accurate location, time, and place, you can get access to all of these needful through your portable smart devices.

Moreover, this feature also helps the brands to target the right buyers with the right services, it just hits their purchasing nodes at perfect timings.

Voice Search

Voice is one of the most revolutionary options that help in transforming the user’s experience. Who would want to opt for typing the details when there is an option to speak and search. The idea of searching information through the advent of voice search is taking a lead. Through this feature, the users can verbally command an application to look for new products and services.

Face detection

The days are long gone, when people used to unlock their devices or enter their longtail passwords. With the advent of the face detection feature, you are going to save a lot of time. Now there is no need to type long passwords to access your details.

You can save a lot of time by just getting your face scanned. It’s a truth that technology has taken a modern edge and privatizing your security is beyond the imagination. By integrating face detection features, app developers can improve the security of an application.


Incorporating analytics into the mobile app is one of the latest approaches now. Our modern world, calls for modern actions and wants to know about user’s actions on priority. Adding an analytic feature to your applications helps in tracking and identifying the actions of users. Understanding the activities of users and know about their interests helps the people at the backend to provide better solutions.

When you merge analytics into a mobile application, it renders massive benefits that directly help businesses across the globe.

Social platform integrations

Social platforms are always going to be one of the most influential platforms. Users are highly active on social platforms these days and linking it to your application is one of the best features to grow your productivity.

This feature connects users with the social platforms effectively. Sharing things on social media is an unavoidable feature in the world today. Applications that incorporate this feature delivers a more personalized and great experience for the users. The purchases and feedbacks on social media can help your app a huge round of success.

AR – the top technology

Artificial intelligence is a top technology that has revolutionized industries today. By incorporating artificial intelligence touch in your mobile applications, you can serve your customers in a better way. The suggestions you will be able to give them will be similar to the products they have already added to their cart.

Moreover, you can also show recommendations of their favorite products to enhance their experience and simultaneously increase sales.

Offline working

Offline working is an advanced feature that offers users to work without using an internet connection. Without the internet, your phone becomes lifeless instantly and all you have to do is wait to get the connections back. That is where the working offline feature comes into play. You can now be productive even without the internet.

This feature ensures balancing the data and functionality of an application without any hindrance and that too without the internet. We have observed how everything correlates with the internet, that is what globalization is all about. You lose the productivity without internet but this feature allows you to work effectively even when you are offline.

More touch features

Users run away from typing these days. They demand apps to have a more touch option in them because that is what makes surfing the app an easier task. Less typing means, hassle-free working, and hassle-free working can be obtained if more touch feature is added.

A simple tap to choose options or carry out various tasks is the best that a consumer can get. Besides that, you can add various filters and sorting options to funnel down the search criteria of the users looking for their favorite product.

Final wordings

In today’s world, companies are working back and forth to provide the best efforts into developing customer-oriented mobile apps. The focus they have on each element and advanced feature of an application is commendable. They focus on making every application unique and engaging.

The above-mentioned features are becoming common in mobile applications these days. There are a lot of new updates that are user-centric and helps the users with an outstanding user experience.

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