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Top Five Best Multi-Vendor Online Marketplace Software Platform


At present, numerous industries adapted to use Marketplace technologies to grow their business exponentially. Although, Marketplace technology entered this period recently and mounting its users rapidly. However, more and more corporates use marketplace software rather than hiring technical developers.

What Is Marketplace Software?

Before going any further, let’s have a clear picture of Marketplace software. It is also known as Multi-Vendor Marketplace. It allows users to build and manage digital storefronts. Thus, granting multi vendors host products and list services. Moreover, its tools simplify and streamline the entire movement. Therefore, marketplace software/ Multi-Vendor software not only facilitates the process of creation but also hosting and managing the online marketplace.

Apart from this, these are similar to e-commerce platforms in facilitating, building, and managing digital storefronts. On the other hand, multi-vendor e-commerce is intended for several vendors, while e-commerce platforms are for a singular vendor.

This article is all about giving you brief disclosures about the five multi-vendor marketplace platform software companies and personal views of how they are different. Let’s take a look.

1 – Arcadier

Arcadier is the world’s ever-growing SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), provides technology for marketplaces. Also, arcadia concerns your needs for both self-service and custom-built marketplaces via a single technology stack. Arcadier is not an open-source platform, unlike other marketplace software providers, which happens to be open source. Furthermore, Arcadier has released multiple built-in frameworks like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript with interfaces like APIs, allowing the user to twist the current template. 

Although, Arcadier is not for only technical users. But also, non-technical users can benefit from Arcadier marketplace platform software. Its easy-to-use interface allows non-technical traders to set up with less trouble and effortlessly.


Arcadier Further Holds The Following Features:

  • Dedicated management portals for admin and sellers.
  • Provides a custom domain
  • Unlimited categorization capabilities

Who Is It Useful For?

Needless to say, entrepreneurs, small or large businesses looking for a marketplace industry, in this case, Arcadier, accommodate their varying requirements. It delivers elegant themes for vendors to choose from. API-centric quality, customization, and scalability are the core production of Arcadier.

In addition, if you are planning to start a business for the first time, then worry, not Arcadier got you covered. It provides a wide range of packages of your liking that can scale up with your business.

If you need any clarification and assistance about Arcadier, then it also has an online portal for guides and customer service staff to address all your concerns.

3 – Sharetribe

Sharetribe is one of the leading and eminent SaaS platforms available for Vendors. Importantly, its speedy creation and launch of a multi-vendor marketplace might come in handy to most Vendors. It as well allows instant adjustment to your color theme and photos. Moreover, comes with a guided onboarding procedure, lets user sell services or product online with the absence of complex usage.

Besides, it ensures easy-to-use methods to create your new marketplace. If you have technical skills like CSS, HTML, or JavaScript, then you can further customize your marketplace. Also, it manages all the web hosting and online payments you receive.

Who Is It Useful For?

Any entrepreneur and small business who like their marketplace happening in no time. However, for the paid option, do keep in mind that you are limited to the functionality of Sharetribe. Thus, no extension of the platform will be allowed. In the lowest tier “Hobby” package, you’ll get a Sharetribe branding. Having your own custom branding requires another stipend of $99 per month.

What is more, you can access the Sharetribe platform’s open-source version. Still, it can be an additional job requiring more time and initial investment to develop a personalized marketplace. While, in open-source, you’re not required to pay anything, but definitely would need skills or skilled developer.

3 – Magento

Magento is also one of the popular marketplace platforms many brands and retailers have used to initiate their specific eCommerce platform. Similarly, several vendors can register to list their products or services by using the multi-vendor marketplace extension. The multi-vendor marketplace extension changes an eCommerce store into a multi-vendor marketplace. 

Who Is It Useful For?

Apart from this, Magento with marketplace could be very suitable if you plan to have a simple eCommerce store first, then convert it into a marketplace. Magento is very scalable and loaded with features that could possibly cater to your needs. On the other hand, it could be somehow complex to use for smaller stores. Thus, Magento requires some basic technical knowledge.

Do not forget, Magento has certain plugins created by an agency. If you intend to customize these plugins, then you may require the developer’s help.

Considering that several outside developers upload their plugins on Magento, therefore, you may rather get confused choosing from various plugins.

4 – Shopify

Shopify-globally renowned e-Commerce software that is used for creating online stores. Similar to Magneto discussed above, it also has a multi-vendor marketplace extension which changes an eCommerce store into a multi-vendor marketplace. 

Shopify also offers the accompanying features: 

  • Published APIs for you and customize as per your desired interface.
  • Drag and drop builder option to design the front-end of the website quickly.
  • Easy to use
  • Many and templates.

Who Is It Useful For?

Shopify will benefit the users of eCommerce store owners if they are looking to convert their eCommerce store to a multi-vendor marketplace in the future. At the same time, the multi-vendor extension option can come into use for adding limitless vendors and products. 

Furthermore, Shopify’s platform is user-friendly and provides users with a distinct level of technical experience. Given that many developers can upload their plugins, whereas the user can utilize many of these plugins for free. Nevertheless, while purchasing such plugins, users may face slight technical support eventually. 

5 – Cs-Cart Multi-Vendor

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is known as a professional marketplace platform ensuring a powerful pack of several packages. Likewise, these packages ensure helping the user to excel in their eCommerce organizations. Furthermore, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor proves to be an open-source platform which makes it fully customizable. As well as proposes more than 500 marketplace features.

Who Is It Useful For?

Also, keep in mind the variance between CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor. Basically, CS-Cart was made for only small and average-sized web stores, while Multi-Vendor is the second eCommerce platform, which acts independently of CS-Cart. On the other hand, Multi-Vendor helps merchants control, manage and launch their marketplaces without any issues. 

As well as that, if you have no idea about coding or marketplace software, do not worry. You can still use Multi-Vendor’s layouts, themes, templates, etc., to design your marketplace. If you have little technical information or knowledge and you are ready to learn new skills, you can alter the raw code into your desired requirements after learning CSS and HTML. Additionally, CS-Cart offers rich documentation and online tutorials together with free premium technical support for three months. Consider this, CS-Cart support can get costly after the subsequent free offering, and some users have noted that some complicated features can slow down the server speed.

What Is An Open-Source Platform? 

Open-Source Platform is a software in which the original source code is made free and available for users and can also be modified by users as per their needs. In short, Open-Source software is that in which the source code or the base code is normally available for users or developers to change. Apparently, there are two kinds of software, open-source and closed/propriety source. At the same time, users or developers cannot modify the secured or closed as it is private and owned by prominent companies.

You might use Windows or OS software on your computer at home, which is propriety software. Thus, this software can be used but cannot be changed. On the other hand, Linux is also an operating system, comparatively less used than that above propriety-based software. Linus is an open-source software where multiple developers modify Linux as per their needs.


In the final notes, it’s very interesting to know that there are online aids available to start and implement something new. Nowadays, these online eCommerce stores and online Multi-Vendor Marketplaces can help small business owners and entrepreneurs in taking their businesses to different extents and levels. 

Doubtless, creating such platforms happens to be tough. But using them is easy, like eating a piece of cake. If you got a small business and planning to grow it exponentially, then these top 5 best Multi-Vendor online Marketplace software platforms mentioned in this article can be useful. Anyone can create their marketplace easily, regardless of your technical background.

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