nightclubs that you cannot miss in Dubai

Top nightclubs that you cannot miss in Dubai

Dubai is one of the beautiful cities in the UAE. Once, this city was a desert area, but now one of the smartest, developed, and luxurious cities in the world. Dubai is famous for several things such as incredible food, the world’s tallest buildings – Burj Khalifa, luxurious cars, and so on.

Moreover, the nightlife of Dubai is simply awesome. If you are in Dubai, you must enjoy the freedom the city gives you.

Nightlife in Dubai is all about music, liquor, wine, and delicious food. Therefore, the nightclubs are too popular in Dubai. From all around the world people come here to experience the thrilling nightlife. When it comes to nightlife, Dubai will not disappoint you. However, to enjoy the party, you must be 21 or above 21. Dubai’s nightclubs have strict rules that everyone must follow.

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Let’s come to our focal point – nightclubs. There are some famous and luxurious nightclubs you should not miss on your next visit to Dubai.

List of nightclubs in Dubai

People by Crystal

People called this Nightclub “Party on the Pyramid” because of its Egyptian-style designed building and also construction that resembles a pyramid. Since the resort looks like a pyramid, it gives you a 360-degree view. The club is spread across two floors, 18th and 19th mean almost at the top of the pyramid. Top DJ, astonishing dance floor, and mouth-watering food make this place extraordinary. If you want to feel luxurious life, this is the place you might be interested in giving a visit.


Basically, Armani is a hotel, and inside this, you will find the Privé nightclub. This hotel is one of the famous and luxurious hotels in Dubai. From this club, you can view glamourous Burj Khalifa. Usually, this club is filled with rich and VIPs. This nightclub stays open till 4 am on weekends. So you can book this hotel and enjoy the benefit of the hotel as well as the nightclub.

Stereo Arcade

It is one of the famous clubs where arcade games can play. There are 12 arcade games one can play in this club, like Pacman, Robotron, and Mortal Kombat. This club is very different from other nightclubs in Dubai. This club gives a different atmosphere to the people. There are many unique features of the nightclub, including a light that is created with a car wheel. If you are a game lover, Stereo Arcade will be the perfect choice for you.


This club is one of the famous nightclubs in Dubai where popular artists like David Guetta, French Montana, Sean Paul, Rita Ora, and more come for hosting. The Interior Design of this NightClub is fantastic. The stage is in the middle, surrounded by a dancing floor and bar. Furthermore, the BASE offers big space. So at a time, 2000 people can enjoy the nightlife here.


Dubai’s nightclubs list is unfinished without White. White is a world-famous nightclub which is the biggest nightclub in Dubai, and it is very exclusive. With its live performance and DJs, the nightclub gives a charming party to the guest. In White, you will see many VIPs, like Steve Aoki, Skepta, Jason Derulo, and the list goes on and on. This nightclub plays every kind of music, including urban, afro beats, hip hop, R’n’B, and lots more.

Cavalli Club

Cavalli is also a famous club on Dubai’s nightclub list. However, this club is doing some development in their club. They are planning that the robots will handle the bar. Besides this, they provide amazing food and organize entertaining programs. It is the most happening nightclub where one can visit with their friends and loved ones.


If you are in Dubai and looking for a unique, most exciting night bar experience, then this is a nightclub you can count on. The service it offers is beyond expectation. It has everything that one nightclub should have like DJ, Food, wines, professional dancers, and lots more. Whenever you get the chance, do visit the club and enjoy life to the fullest.


All the nightclubs mentioned in this list are excellent. If you are frustrated with your routine and busy life, visit these places and freshen up your mood. Anyone can come here and enjoy the nightlife. The only thing is you have to be 21 or above 21. Feel the luxury of visiting these happening places.



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