Why IASH is known for Providing Best शीघ्रपतन का इलाज

Premature Ejaculation, a sexual disorder that has taken the happiness of many married couples and their fun intimate times. Premature ejaculation is a sexual problem when not treated on time, can make the situation worse. Moreover, it is also said that PE can lead to more severe sexual issues like erectile dysfunction as well. Taking the correct  शीघ्रपतन का इलाज by the best sexologist or clinic will save you from this sexual disorder.

Choosing the doctor and clinic is as important as choosing the right treatment for early discharge problems. Not only does the success rate depend on your selection, but you save yourself from other risks as well.

IASH, India, is a well-known male sexual health clinic that offers the best treatments for  शीघ्रपतन का इलाज. Moreover, they use the latest and advanced techniques, well-equipped machines and modern laboratories to bring out every PE treatment. 

शीघ्रपतन का इलाज at IASH, India

IASH stands for Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health. And as its name says, it is a clinic wholly dedicated to male sexual health and care. Dr. Chirag Bhandari leads the clinic- the best sexologist in India and the founder of Ohman.in. Dr. Chirag runs this clinic with a team of the city’s best male sexual health specialists, andrologist and psychologists.

Best Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Jaipur - IASH India

IASH, India, offers all types of treatments needed to treat various causes of premature ejaculation quickly. The doctors at the clinic firstly take some tests to determine the actual cause for the sexual problem. Moreover, they examine the patient’s medical history, any past record of injury in the prostate area and the scope of any other medical issue. Further, they offer one-to-one counselling sessions with the city’s best psychologists to find out if the cause is psychological or not.

Further, once the actual cause of PE is determined, they meticulously design the method for Shighrapatan ka Ilaj. Every method is carried out using the latest machines, equipment and medicines.

Treatments for  शीघ्रपतन का इलाज offered at IASH, India.

As we mentioned earlier, IASH offers all types of treatment that a patient needs to cure early discharge problems in the safest way possible. You can opt for a drug-free, painless, medicinal or surgical method as per your choice.

Dr. CHIRAG BHANDARI – for शीघ्रपतन का इलाज

Dr. Chirag is a famous sexologist who travels the whole world to learn how to treat sexual disorders in the most effective way. He went to various international training and internships to learn modern methods, for example, Shockwave Therapy that he brought back to India to help people overcome in India.

Treatments offered by IASH, India for  shighrapatan ka ilaj:

1. Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation 

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Treatment in India - IASH India

Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a unique multidisciplinary method that helps in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor muscle helps control ejaculation that you can reinforce using pelvic floor rehabilitation.

They also guide to do pelvic floor exercises as शीघ्र स्खलन का इलाज योग.


  • Improved control over bowel function and pelvic muscles.
  • It helps in boosting confidence and quality of life.
  • Lastly, it strengthens pelvic muscles

2. Sex Therapy 

Sex Therapies are given to people who are suffering from psychological aspects of premature ejaculation. On the other hand, these therapies are also given to couples through which they solve their relationship problems to have a better intimate time with their partner.


  • It helps in improving communication between a couple
  • Improves and making new bond
  • Further, it helps in understanding a couple’s expectations from each other for a better sexual activity.

3. Medicinal Treatments for शीघ्रपतन का इलाज

Depending upon the extent of shighrapatan, Dr. Chirag at IASH offers medicines to help people overcome early ejaculation problems. For example, they offer medicines Tadalafil, Sildenafil, and Ohman Delay Capsules medications to help you get over ejaculation problems.

People who do not want any surgical ways to treat early discharge problems can opt for medications.

4. Shockwave Therapy 

Best शीघ्रपतन का इलाज  at IASH, India

IASH, India, is the only sexual healthcare center in India that offers Shockwave Therapy Treatment in India. Above all, this therapy is a drug-free, non-invasive and painless treatment for shighrapatan ka ilaj effectively.


  • Firstly, it is the best and one of the शीघ्र स्खलन का रामबाण इलाज .
  • It is a drug-free treatment that has no side effects.
  • It eliminates the possibility of getting Shighrapatan in future.

After proper diagnosis and considering the actual cause of early discharge, doctors will offer you treatment from the options mentioned above that will suit you the best. Above all, the doctors continuously examine your therapy and its progress to make sure that it is going in the right direction.


Choosing the correct treatment to treat premature ejaculation problems is only possible by consulting an expert sexologist. Not only they help find the right cause of PE but also ensure that whatever treatment you get is ideal for you. In short, at IASH, India, you get experts’ consultations that guide you throughout the time to recover from such a sexual disorder successfully.

In conclusion, if you want to get the best treatments for the Best  शीघ्रपतन का इलाज in India, visit the best sexual health clinic – IASH, India.

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