Treks in Himachal Pradesh

The Himalayas, the lofty summit in the world, is the best theatre for eager adventure seekers or escapades. The thrill, excitement, adventure and tranquility of the trek is a lifelong crush that one will adore throughout. The hunting of trails over

ascending mountain paths, orchard country, low scrub land, crossing over fast flowing streams, waving over paddy fields, across deep woods, drooling under oak, deodar or flowering rhododendron trees, to glacial lakes, great heighten top spirituals walks and many more expedition awaits.Himachal is a playground for trekkers.For avid trekkers, few states in India compare to Himachal Pradesh. Come and get mesmerised with awe striking beauty, woodland, gorgeous plateau, meadows, snow-clad mountains and more. 

Himachal hands down is a paradise for trekkers. It lies in the laps of Himalayas and pours out lavish beauty, valleys, peaks, orchards, meadows, glacial lakes, forests, arid landscapes and much more for a glorious trekking experience. It’s enchanting scenic view admires and convinces people to lay in its arms and experience bliss. Those starry nights, bonfire, wild walk, liveliness and adventure is worth everything to stay and hold on to.Himachal Pradesh serves one of the best and fantastic regions to hike. Nevertheless arduous journey, the adrenaline rushes through the veins of trekker and grants them the marvellous opportunity to feel close and connected to nature, explore the charm and beauty of the sights, detox one’s mind, overcome the challenges, create awareness, capture the mesmerising views, maintain a well diet and sleep and the list goes on and on.

Top Five Treks in Himachal Pradesh 

Hampta Pass Trek (A pass to heaven)

The Hampta Pass trek begins on an easy note and ends the journey on high as you walk across the lush green, glacial valleys, pastures,  meadows and exciting landscapes. The journey feeds the wanderlust and makes moments for a lifetime.

Stream crossings, valley crossing, beautiful forest trails, challenging and thrilling rocky trails, waterfall crossings, frozen glaciers, super chilled river crossings, Camp sites which are near to waterfalls and river, Snow covered Rohtang Pass, ChandraTaal lake and many more exotic and exciting memories for a lifetime.

Pin Parvati

Also called a tricky trek that vibe the covered mounts at high altitude and offers a spectacular and thrilling challenge with a sharp contrast. As climbing higher the bird’s-eye

breathtaking views are worth capturing and living.  Provides the most landscapes, culture, flora and fauna that will secure in your heart. The view of the Valley is fantastic. It drives you crazy and fulfils your Trekking experience with loads of mesmerising momentum. 

Malana Village Trek

It is an ancient Himalayan hamlet now known as Parvati Valley. This Amazing place appeals to mark your presence to its snow-glazed mountain peaks, valleys, picturesque, waterfalls and gushing streams. Malana is a small autonomous village with peculiar customs that offers you: from the pulley bridge to marshlands to alpine meadows of Odi Thach, dense forests and glaciers near the Pass. The lush greenery, flowers, hot water spring bath and many more  beckoning valleys, the scintillating streams and the mountains in the background are just perfect for everyone. As the name only hints Its speciality ‘malana’ the best quality of hashish Is cultivated here by the locals. This trek provides the trekker with heart-warming moments to take along. 

Buran Ghati

It is a very pretty and scenic trail connecting Pabbar river valley to Baspa Valley.

Witness the vast stretch of greenery between the mountains, miles and miles away, the depth of nature hoots in the peace, splendid views and mind boggling moments that will bring serenity deep to your bones and make you go stick and stun with the panoramic sight.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

It is the prettiest grassland trek of Himachal Pradesh and even has been rendered sacred.

The meadow far and wide- seems like an endless path. Horses, sheeps, goats etc. graze and gallop around you. All the trekking regions will definitely provide you with a great memorial lane of experience  with super cool vegetation, land, glacial lakes, meadows, views and all. 

Basic gear for the trek

-Comfortable walking shoes with a good grip

-Waterproof warm jacket

– Woollen / tennis socks and stockings

-Sunglasses, headgear, rucksack

-Water bottle, Swiss Army knife

-Tent, Sleeping bag and foam groundsheet

-Gloves, Umbrella

-Medical and first aid equipment

-Photography equipment (if you want to return with memories for a lifetime)

-Torch with batteries

-Compass, Binoculars, Cooking equipment

-Carry fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, milk all your supper due to short supply at higher reaches and parts of the Trans Himalayas

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