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TweakPass – Password Manager for android and ios Review 2021

Gone are those days when passwords were written on a slip of paper. And it was stuck on the mirror or there was a fight in remembering them one by one.

Usually, we make the passwords as our date of birth, names, or anniversary dates but do you know that this way your password can be easily guessed by hackers?

Moreover, repeating passwords for every login detail or different apps or websites is also not safe. If one is unlocked, your information on the rest of the websites all becomes vulnerable.

The process of inserting passwords is applicable not only on your computer but also on mobiles phones as they are the new versions of operating systems. In order to keep your phone, be it Android or iOS, secure from password breaches, download Tweakpass by Systweak technologies as it is literally one of the best password managers today.

This blog will give you a review of the TweakPass password manager for iOS and Android. Before we go ahead, let’s see what a password manager can do for you and why you need it.

Password manager: Password manager is known for saving all your passwords in one place so that you can go online with ease. It hides the passwords in a security vault with high secured encryption and this vault can only be accessed with one master password. 

Let us now find a little more information about the TweakPass password manager by scrolling below.

TweakPass Review

Download for Android – Google Play Store

Download for iPhoneApp Store

TweakPass is an ultimate security application capable of keeping all sensitive information secure under one master password.

It is because remembering all the passwords or keeping them in a scattered manner is going to be cumbersome in later stages.

What TweakPass can do on your iOS and Android device is:

  1. Allows you to add a number of websites: As the application is installed on your device, you just need to tap the ‘+’ icon for the addition of websites and you can get Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and other website credentials here.
  2. Hassle-free access to websites: All the website addresses that are saved here can be accessed without facing much trouble. As you visit the website, passwords will be autofill and you will be able to login immediately.
  3. Secure notes: Important notes regarding your bank account details, health insurance, driver’s license, email account, passport number, Wi-fi password, etc. can be safely placed inside the TweakPass safety vault.
  4. Auto-Fill password settings: Now you don’t need to fill the password manually every time you visit the website. It will give you additional ease and security by automatically filled. All you need to do is go to phone Settings > Passwords & Accounts > AutoFill Passwords > toggle the switch on for TweakPass.
  5. Applicable to other applications: TweakPass passwords are not only applicable on websites but also apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  6. Touch ID & Face ID: All your data and passwords are kept safely in one place behind Touch ID or Face ID, according to the phone’s settings. 
  7. Generate password: if you are facing issues in generating a password for yourself and are confused about it, give TweakPass a chance. Go to the app settings and generate a password. Here, find numerous password suggestions waiting for you and you can use any one of them as the master password. A difficult password is much more capable of hacking.
  8. SSL Security: In order to provide strong security and encryption, TweakPass is loaded with HMAC and PBKDF2 SHA-256 models.


You can download it free from the play store and app store. Yes, you don’t need to pay a single penny to use this strong tool and save all the passwords securely. 


We provide TweakPass 4.5/5 considering its strong and robust support to users in terms of password strength. 

Master password generation as well as saving you all from the risk of getting hacked by the hackers.

Moreover, strong encryption is much trustworthy. 


We hope that this password manager review of TweakPass has already convinced you to keep it on your phone. Now you can save your passwords in one place under a master password which must also be stronger than other passwords.

Have you used TweakPass yet? If not, download it from Google Play Store for Android users as well as iOS for iPhone users. Also, share your experience with us in the comments section below to enlighten other users about password managers.

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