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4 Effective Ways to Add Twitter Widget on the Website

Twitter is a popular channel for marketers to promote and engage their audience through Twitter content.

Twitter Widgets allow website owners to creatively incorporate Twitter content into their websites.

This Twitter Widget allows you to collect Twitter content and place it onto your website. It uses layout design and style which adds an interesting element to the webpages.

You can create Twitter Widgets on the website in a number of ways: click, tweet, embed tweet or use social media to collect Twitter Feeds using hashtags, mentions and handles.

Let’s just get started, without further delay!  

Here are 4 Effective ways to embed a Twitter widget on website:

  1. Twitter Timeline on Website
  2. Manually embed single tweet on website
  3. Larry The Bird Highlights Website Content
  4. Use the Social Media Aggregator
  1. Twitter Timeline on Website

You can create a widget using Twitter timeline on the website. It will display your images, videos, and text-based tweets on the website page. It won’t reveal the replies to your tweets.

You can embed Twitter Timeline on your website to display your Twitter icon, username, name and content of your tweet.

It will display the Share and Like buttons on tweets. The Twitter widget also displays the date that the tweet was published.

Twitter Timeline has many themes and styles that you can choose from. The most popular template for Twitter Timeline content is the list-based one.

  1. Manually embed single tweet on website

You can embed one tweet on your website by simply taking a screenshot or copying its embed code.

It is possible to take a screenshot and crop the tweet before uploading it on the webpage where you wish it. This allows you to display tweets in an image format. This has both advantages and drawbacks for your website.

It won’t disappear from your website.

However, your website visitors will not be able to reach the original tweet. This lowers the authenticity and credibility of the tweet content.

Embedding Twitter posts to your website allows your visitors to view the original tweet and reach out to the Twitter platform to verify it.

To do this, click on the three dots at the bottom of your tweet and choose the embed code button. Copy and paste the generated code to the back end of your website.

Your Twitter message has been added successfully to the desired page. It allows your website visitors to click on the tweet to access the Twitter app or website.

This embedding code method also allows you to embed one tweet on the site and their replies, like and share button, username and profile picture, date and time, media and text on the tweet.

  1. Larry The Bird Highlights Website Content

You can also integrate Twitter into your website by clicking on the Twitter Content with Larry The Bird icon in the content.

You could use the tweet to highlight stats or other content that is compatible with the post content. One can simply do that by installing the WordPress plugin.

This plugin allows the user to click on the highlighted text and be taken to their browser. You can add the content to Twitter with a hashtag, mention or add a source link using the Larry The Bird icon.

  1. Use the Social Media Aggregator

Social media aggregators helps to embed the Twitter widget onto a website. It helps collect, curate, and customise Twitter feeds and then embed them on the website in a code-free integration.

With social media aggregators, you can easily collect tweets with Hashtags’ assistance, mentions, handles or keywords. These tools allow you to quickly collect related feeds and automatically update your content when a new post is created with the same keyword, hashtag, mention, or other keywords.

There are many social media aggregators on the market. Any one of them is possible, but it’s best to select the one that offers more functionality and has compatible pricing plans.

Over To You

Today, you will learn how to embed Twitter feeds onto your website using different methods. You can also do that with the help of a third-party program.

Select the best method to meet your marketing goals and build a website that is impactful. Now you can start creating your Twitter widget and embed it on your website with code-free functionality.

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