Tyre Tread

Tyre Tread Wear And Its Causes

Tyre tread provides the ability to grip the road safely, enhancing proper traction. As tyres are used, it is normal for the tyre tread to minimise their size.

Regular checking your vehicle will increase its overall performance and save your money from a lot of expenditure.

New tyres have approximately size 8 mm of tread depth. However, manufacturers recommend changing the tyres when the tread depth reduces to 3mm for safety purposes.

Too little tyre tread can lead to unsafe driving. There are chances that driver might lose their control on the road just because of the less tread depth. When the roads are wet, tyres with high tread depth will give you a better and comfortable drive.

How does tread wear out unevenly?

There are simple reasons that can make the tyre tread out prematurely or by using the tyres. However, a variety of factors can result in a tyre wearing out sooner than expected.

General tyre wear causes are:

  • Suspension issues
  • Misaligned tyres
  • Internal fault with the tyres
  • Driving with deflated or more inflated tyres.
  1. Suspension issues: It happens due to the unusual tyre wear pattern across the whole tread surface. And it leads to more bounce on every road and makes your ride rough. The bouncing can make the tyre wear out prematurely.
  2. Misaligned tyres: The significant issues from potholes, and rough roads, in general, might twist the tyres and occur the misalignment between tyres. If your one tyre is working but not another one, the reason is the misalignment of tyres. A wheel with a damaged tread can automatically wear out more quickly and lose all the grip on the road.
  3. Over-inflation: Tyres are like the human body. More intake of food can lead to severe issues. The same goes for your vehicle. Over-inflation can lead to rough driving. Moreover, it becomes more difficult for the tyres to maintain contact with the road.
  4. Deflated tyres: If your tyres are under-inflated, it can cause some problems like:
  • More prone to general wear and tear.
  • Difficulty handling steering and risky on edgy roads.
  • More chances of collisions as you don’t have control over your brakes.

These are the problems that can make the tyre wear out more efficiently or prematurely.

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