Valley of Flowers: A Journey to a Magical Country

The colorful and colorful landscape of the valley makes my heart beat wildly, but my heart is ecstatic. It feels like time has stopped for a while. What a feeling, what a nostalgia for these days of climbing over rugged terrain! The Huang trek is more valuable than you thought. The landscape is so peaceful that even fools will fall for its beauty. When I came back from ecstasy, I saw my colleagues delving into the magnificent landscape.

Flower Valley National Park is famous in India for its unique alpine flora and vegetative meadows. Located in the northern part of Chamoli in Uttarakhand, this diverse area is home to a large number of rare and endangered species, including Asian black bears, snow leopards, musk deer, brown bears, red foxes, and blue sheep. In this valley, you can also see Himalayan pheasants and other tall birds, which cover an area of ​​87.50 square kilometers.


The peaceful landscape is surrounded by rugged mountains on the east side of Nanda Valley National Park, with an average elevation of 3500 meters. The transition zone between the Zanska Mountains and the Great Himalayas is unique.

I was awakened by my mother’s screams, it was a normal Sunday morning. After completing the usual tasks, I use my phone for social media accounts. When I flipped through ordinary publications, my eye caught a lush green valley decorated with colorful flowers. When I dig deep, it revealed an amazing experience while climbing. This experience moved me so much that I thought I was there for a while.

When we arrived at Haridwar Railway Station, we took a taxi to Govindghat, which was our first destination on the way to the Valley of Flowers trek. The 295 km long journey led to the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers, Joshimath, and the holy city Devprayag. They are like the holy Ganges, posted here. About 10 to 11 hours later, we arrived at our destination in a picturesque landscape decorated by majestic mountain peaks.

When we reached Govindghat, the sun went down and the cool evening wind shook our spinal cord. We are a beautiful and comfortable place to sleep at night. We walked along the road for a while, and after a quick meal at the nearest restaurant, we returned to the warm blanket.


We have woken up and seen the wonderful sight of the orange-red sun, which illuminates the lush green peaks of the mountains with red. The scenery is so lovely, the majestic scenery is calm and enjoyable. After regaining consciousness, we started walking towards the Valley of Flowers. We fastened our shoelaces and continued to conquer the trail after enjoying a traditional local breakfast. The journey to Purna is where you started on foot and is 5 kilometers long.

 Pulna to Ghangaria

When we reached Pulna, we stopped to catch our breath. We say goodbye to the paved road from here and sing welcome songs on the way through the hills. We will follow the Pushpavati river along a 10 km uphill trail to Gangharia. There are many restaurants on this trail that serve hot drinks, noodles, tortillas, bread, and palacas, and most of them are crowded. So you can constantly inject yourself with vitality.

We reached the village of Bhyunda on a five-kilometer walk through a paved stone path. We found a perfect place here to enjoy the magnificent view of the majestic Hathi Parvat. One scene worth seeing is the mighty mountain towering above the fluffy white clouds. The picturesque scenery has a tranquil atmosphere. Although there are many people here, the tranquil atmosphere is magical. The picturesque scenery of

makes us trance, as if we are in a dreamlike country. After fully admiring the fascinating scenery, we started to board Ghangaria. The steep slope was challenging and tiring for the body, so we had to stop after a while. However, the spectacular scenery gave us extra motivation, and we continued to look for more panoramic views. After about 2 hours of attractive climbing, we reached Ghangaria at an altitude of 10,000 feet.

When we reach the dim young moon, the bright sun has replaced it. We found a shelter in a hotel in the city. After enjoying a quick and satisfying dinner, we drank comfortably on the blanket.

 Gangaria to the Valley of Flowers

The singing of birds and the breath of fresh and cold air did not leave any happiness. After enjoying the perfect breakfast, we are ready to start the second phase of the arduous journey to the beautiful valley of flowers. Leaving Gangalia, we were greeted by unspoiled mountain forests and green trees with enthusiasm.

The powerful Laxman caught our attention on the road. A wonderful sight is the turbulent currents and waterfalls hitting the rocks below the mountain. After enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, we continue our journey. As we advanced, the forest checkpoint appeared in front of us. The breathtaking panoramic view of the trail and this extra courage provided the culmination of our journey.


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