Vaping, Eating, or Smoking Marijuana? Which One Is the Safest Alternative

Over the decades, the law related to marijuana kept changing across the world. What was once labeled as ‘drug’ is now recognized as a medicinal aid that can maintain stable health condition, from depression to chronic diseases such as cancer. With the frequent studies related to marijuana and its health benefits, many countries worldwide, including Canada, have allowed people to buy weed online, buy vapes online, and many other best buds. Marijuana is now legal in many countries for recreational uses too, and it’s being sold primarily in three different ways:

  • To be vaped
  • Edible
  • To be smoked

If you live in Canada or any other country where marijuana consumption is legalized, you might be wondering about the best way to consume it and which best bud works for them. Here in the light of a study conducted related to vapes and buy vapes online. Here is what you should know:

Smoking and Vaping both Carry Health Risks

For decades, health professionals are advising individuals to avoid smoking or inhaling tobaccos. For marijuana, when researchers started studying the health benefits of marijuana, they suggest marijuana contain a compound that has a medicinal effect. CBD is the one responsible for curing health conditions. For this reason, buying vapes online to consume marijuana and buying weed online is becoming common and less dangerous than tobacco.


Inhaling any kind of smoke is dangerous for the lungs, whether it is any form – tobacco, cannabinoids containing weed, or another substance. Most marijuana consumers hold the smoke in their lungs for longer than tobacco, putting them at a greater risk. Looking to buy weed online to smoke, then there is a  big no.

Some disadvantages of smoking marijuana are:

  • Develop air pocket between lungs and lungs wall
  • Chronic respiratory problems
  • Mucus production
  • Risk of lungs infection increases.
  • Weaken immune system
  • Wheezing


e-cigarettes are often referred to as vaping marijuana. It involves heated oil through a vaporizing device. Vaping marijuana is like producing vapors from dried plant material. Some people believe that vaping marijuana is less harmful than smoking. Here we cannot deny that health risk is associated with tehm if people consume large amounts.  So, before you buy vapes online, asked your doctor for a recommendation as CBD has a medicinal effect, but marijuana contains few components that are not effective for health.

Difference Between Smoking and Vaping

Many individuals refer you to buy vapes online, and others tell you to go for smoking. But before going with someone else preference, it better to check the difference and then decide.

Smoking Uses Dried Plant

There are several ways to smoke marijuana: to mix it with tobacco and make it less potent. Other buy concentrates online and consumes it bongs or pipes. People prefer both ways to consume marijuana. Sometimes people smoke more potent forms of marijuana than flower and concentrate.

Vaping Can Be Intense

Researchers have identified that vaping marijuana is more intense than smoking. If you buy vapes online for the first time, there are more chances of having an adverse reaction from the THC present in marijuna than smoking.

When people buy vape online and consume concentrated marijuana, it will have a more potent effect than smoking. In simple words, you will get more high from vaping than smoking.

Another Way to Consume Marijuana

Because of the harmful effect of smoking and vaping marijuana, you can use an alternative to consume marijuana – buy edibles online. Understandably, you might not like the idea to use the option to use marijuana.

But if you are seeking a less risky way to consume marijuana, then buy edibles online. Edible marijuana can be in any food or beverage. Consuming marijuana with edibles doesn’t show immediate effect. But when eaten in moderation, otherwise, it has an impact too.

Summing up, more research shows that smoking marijuana is dangerous. Few new pieces of research reveal that vaping liquid can cause serious health problems. So, it seems that the least you can pick is to consume marijuana in edible form. If you are looking to buy edibles online in Canada, buyweed2go is the best option to buy premium quality buds, vapes, edibles, and other substances.

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