Want to Increase Shower Water Pressure: Here’s How You Can Do That

We all want a refreshing shower be it at the very start of the day or at the end of the day. Hence, people are more inclined towards shower heads having torrent flow. But what will be your reaction if all of a sudden you find that shower is giving dribbling flow?

Of course you want to fix the issue looking for its cause! Do you really know if combi boiler has any impact on this problem? Well, we’ll give you a clearer picture on this topic through this blog so that you can address the woe and resolve it. So, don’t miss to read it out.

Shower pressure of the combi boiler

Combi or combination boiler is highly preferable throughout the UK. It is the combination of hot water boiler and central heating system in one compact unit perfect to be fitted in small space. By walking with this option, you will be able to meet everyday’s hot water demand instantly with no need of hot water cylinder.

It directly heats the water from mains and supplies through showers and taps retaining the pressure. If the main pressure of your home is quite strong and there is no much demand on hot water then powerful shower can serve you without any pump.

But if there is low main pressure and having several showers and taps running from the boiler then this system will fail to deliver the pressure you want. You will find weak water flow when other faucets are in use or sometimes the shower will become excessively hot or cold too.

Tips to boost the water speed on combi boiler

As combi boiler is fed by mains the options are quite limited whilst it is about increasing the water pressure. Also you will not be able to use pumps from main supply to improve the pressure. But still a few steps are there which you can take.

If the boiler is quite powerful then the shower will deliver 12-15 litres of water in a minute. By this way you can check the water amount passes through it once the boiler performs perfectly.

Only a powerful combi boiler having proper flow rate can optimise the pressure of hot water supply. Also make a key note that flow rate is restricted by main pressure in that particular area.

In such instance investing on a boiler with high water supply force above than that of main is such a huge wastage. Moreover boiler issue is not a matter to neglect and so book 24 hour boiler repair services to check if everything is right as per your convenience.

Is it possible to have combi boiler and electric shower?

Cold water supplies directly to the electric shower with the main connection irrespective of boiler kind you have. It makes use of a specific heating component to warm the water to a desired temperature and then feed it via the installed shower head.

Although this is not so popular to offer water in high pressure yet a reliable flow is maintained regardless of the number of showers and taps are in use at that particular time. So, you can have this one in your bucket list especially if there are more bathrooms in your property and have the combi boiler.

During selecting any of these showers inquire about the kilowatt rating. As much high as the rating will be as much stronger will be the water flow. But the functional ability will obviously contingent on main water pressure in your area.

Is it possible to have combi boiler with power shower?

No it is not possible at all. It is because power shower always operates with the in-built pump which makes it compatible to combi boiler. Also a hot water cylinder connection is needed the basic feature which combi boiler doesn’t have. If there is already the power shower then ponder on the heating system extensively before taking any decision.

Cost effective option- power shower or the electric shower

Worthy to note that electric shower has the lower flow rate in contrast to other options which makes it highly energy-effective. So, with this option you can save plenty of money by saving on the utility bills.

Is it possible to have combi boiler and mixer shower?

Combi boiler is fully compatible with mixer shower. This type of model can be connected to both cold and hot water supply to obtain the water at desired temperature. As hot water supply is fed by the combi boiler that possesses limited capacity. Hence, you might not get delivered with the pressure you want if there is other taps and shower running in the property.

Can a shower pump be fitted to combi boiler?

No, it is not possible to fit the shower pump in the combi boiler. Shower pump is designed to fit to the hot water cylinders the feature which lacks in the combi boiler.

Do you need to think about getting other boiler type?

Most importantly, a gamut of benefits can be enjoyed with the combi boiler. Interestingly, it supplies hot water on demand! So, you don’t need to make hot water plan ahead. In case you wish to boost the water pressure and having combi boiler then replace it using any other appliance.

Both system boiler and conventional boiler can supply good amount of hot water by maintaining a good pressure at the same time while multiple showers and taps are in use. Also it can work well along power shower.

While thinking about to switch from combi boiler the system boiler can be the ideal option to choose due to easy installation process. By eradicating the necessity of cold water tank it can supply on-demand hot water instantly.

If possible then you can also install conventional boiler in case the area mainly you reside has low water pressure. But remember, it fails to supply instantly demanded hot water and need a plan beforehand to program the thermostat to get hot water for your family use.

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