What are The 6 C’s of Nursing And Their Importance?

.Do you want to make your career in the nursing field? Are you thinking of pursuing nursing? If yes, this blog is for you. 

Nurses are very important to the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK. Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare business. They fulfill various roles on a daily basis. Nurses operate on six core values that are generally named 6 C’s. 

Nurses who work on these values ensure that the job gets done effectively and efficiently. So that patients will be safe and treated well. In this blog, we learn about what are the 6 C’s of nursing. We discuss the importance of 6 C’s as well. 

The 6C’s

Although it is almost nine years since the 6 C’s launched, it was established in 2012. They are still as important today as in 2012. Healthcare changes from time to time with new studies, policies, and plans. However, the requirement to look after patients with honor and kindness always remains the same. 

The purpose of the 6 C’s is to assure patients that they are looked after with care and compassion. Consequently, Do nurses communicate well with them, make changes that improve the care, and deliver this every day? 

In 2012, the Chief Nursing Officer call everyone the 6Cs who serve in the Healthcare Center. The 6 C’s of nursing are as follows:


  • Care:

  • Care is the core of a healthcare organization. The care they deliver helps the individual to improve their health. Caring defines nurses and their work. It refers to healing patients correctly in a respectful and non-judgemental way. It is important that attention should be given to patients’ beliefs and will save their dignity. They should trust the nurses to provide a high level of care. 


  • Compassion:

  • Compassion is how the NHS provides care by relationships based on empathy, respect, and dignity. It is also described as intelligent kindness. Nurses generally work in a stressful environment, but they remain kind. Even at the end of their shift; If a patient is in a bad situation, they have to show kindness as their priority is to care for their patients.


  • Competence:

  • In other words, It is crucial to renew your knowledge and skills. It is also essential to know your limits while working as a nurse. It would be best if you only offer work that you feel acceptable and confident. Patients have a broad range of demands and treatment requirements. Lots of practice and time spent on personal development secure every patient’s care. 


  • Communication:

  • Communication is vital in all health care organizations. It is chief to the successful, caring relationship between patients and nurses. Being a good listener is a part of a patient’s care. Nurses must be good listeners—moreover, it’s vital to communicate in a language that everybody can understand.


  • Courage:

  • Courage allows health care organizations to do accurate things for patients. for instance, Courage allows nurses to speak up when they have concerns and have personal strengths and vision to innovate and adopt the new way of working. They must have the courage to do what they think is right. They should be brave enough to face any difficulty. But, It is essential to keep in mind that they have a duty to care for their patients. 


  • Commitment:

  • It is crucial. Nurses should continually try to give the best possible guidance and care for the patients. Commitment means looking after your health and keeping a code of conduct in their social lives to be a role model. Nurses should maintain a high level of dedication to their role. The primary purpose here is to make sure that their patient’s needs are fulfilled. 

Do You Know

What is the role of the 6 C’s of nursing?

The 6Cs set the values and standards for nursing to run after. These 6Cs were included in the Chief Nursing Officer for England’s Consultation Paper in 2012 (NHS England, 2012). So, They provide services to ensure all the patients get high-quality care. The patients’ experience is a recognized indicator of the quality of care with communication (Darzi, 2008). The NMC code supports this and nites that nurses should:


  • Put the attention of people who need nursing or midwifery services first
  • Make their care and safety your primary concern.
  • Ensure the patient’s dignity is saved and their demands are identified, judged, and responded to.


Thus, I have mentioned the 6 C’s of nursing that is very important in all the areas of the healthcare organization. It is the backbone of every healthcare center. The purpose of 6Cs is how the patients and service users experience nursing care. And communication is vital to this experience. Communication plays a significant role in making a relationship between nurses and patients. Nurses should talk to them politely and care about their patients as their priority.


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