What Is Buyer Intent Data? How Can You Increase Sales With It?

Lead generation is an imperative factor in the growth of any company. While pay-per-click promotions and cold calling to find company emails are famous strategies for creating leads. The eventual fate of lead generation lies in buyer intent data. Think about intent information as an inventive way to recognize your optimal client. 

Purchaser intent data offers bits of knowledge about the client’s conduct and assists organizations with tracking down their possible clients. By utilizing intent data, you can play a role in your purchaser’s journey at their beginning phase and get an edge over your opposition.

The first (and generally significant) advantage of utilising intent information is that you are taking out the danger of connecting with uninterested purchasers. You’re basically smoothing out your prospecting pipeline for qualified purchasers. It will not just significantly enhance your conversion rate potential, but likewise, give your sales and marketing group a colossal benefit over your rivals. 

Envision how happy your staff will be realizing that their lead generation recently turned into that a lot simpler and more powerful.

Why Buyer Intent Data is crucial?

How often have you been served an advertisement on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn that reached you at precisely the ideal opportunity? Odds are you were focused on by keen marketers. Intent information gives you insights. It permits you to comprehend which points and interests catch individuals’ consideration most. 

You can utilize this information to make advertisements and disperse content that expects to respond to your possibility’s inquiries. Simply adjusting your content to someone’s trouble spots at the ideal opportunity can bring about an expanded flow of qualified leads.

Catch interest during their journey

A viable B2B marketing effort is one that is sent at the right time. By this, we mean to get prospects’ interest before they contact a salesman themselves. 

Most B2B purchasers are 57% of the way through the purchasing cycle when they contact an organization for more information. With purchaser intent information, you can trigger that part in a lead’s psyche. Assisting them with accepting they’ve settled on the choice themselves by giving them enough information to contact your organization. Intent information permits you to: 

  • ‍ ‍ have the chance to address clients before they connect. 
  • personalisation of your messages based on their content utilization. 
  • Make relationships with leads right away.

How to collect Intent Data? 

Buyer Intent data is gathered utilizing billions of streaming conduct signals from different B2B sites and media publishers. These signs range across a great many subjects to show interest and trends based on a particular topic. In case you know about the site analysis and tracking, the collection of intent data is based on that formula:

  • Cookies are utilized to distinguish people. 
  • Traffic sources. 
  • How much time a user is giving to a site or a page?
  • What particular content he/she/they are reading?
  • scrolling speed and bounce rates

Quality of B2B intent data

With so numerous touchpoints in the purchaser cycle, it’s not difficult to lose in quantity; instead of value. Your marketing and sales outreach group would favour 100 quality B2B leaders in your industry with more than 1,000 general contacts with no sign of intent. To decide the quality of your intent information, you need to comprehend human conduct and the significance of intent. There are three normal reasons why a prospect is searching for an answer on the web: 

  • Informational intent (they’re learning about something). 
  • Business research (checking different products or services and solutions). 
  • Buy intent (the last stage in the purchasing cycle). 

In view of this, you can pass judgment on the quality of your intent data in your company database search.

Closing note:

In case you’re utilizing obsolete information, you’ve effectively lost the deal. Your salesmen ought to be among the initials to outreach to prospects. 

You should respond to users who have recently engaged with your content, regardless of whether that is visiting a particular landing page or asking for a free trial. If a user has visited a similar informational piece of content multiple times in two days, the odds are there is a particular issue to tackle. This will give your outreach group a timetable of events where your prospects are on their customer journey. 


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