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What is Digital Marketing and the importance of online advertising? How can I get started with it?

Digital Marketing is a marketing procedure which makes use of electronic devices to convey promotional messages and measure its impact.Digital marketing is a way to interact and influence your potential customers.

Digital marketing services in Kolkata are rapidly growing these days as email marketing,pay per click advertising,Social media marketing and blogging help people to get introduced to a company and convince them to purchase their  products.

Digital Marketing Assets

Any marketing tool which you can use online can be a digital marketing asset.Here we will see few examples of digital marketing assets:

  • Website
  • Branded assets such as logo,icon,acronyms
  • Video content like video ads,product demos
  • Images like infographics,product shots and company photos
  • Written content like blog posts,testimonials,ebooks and product descriptions
  • Online tools or products like Saas,Calculator,interactive content.
  • Reviews and Social media pages

Digital Marketing Strategies which most businesses are using

  • Pay per click advertising is a type of digital marketing where you will pay for every user who clicks on an ad. For example Google adwords and facebook ads.
  • Paid search advertising is the best way to target potential customers who are searching for a particular service product or service.Google,Bing,Yahoo all allow to run ads with text on their search engine results pages.
  • Search engine optimization will help you improve the ranking of your website organically.
  • Paid social media advertising is absolutely great for advertising your product and services on popular social media platforms like Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, Snapchat.
  • Social media marketing is a free,organic process where you can make use of social media platforms like Facebook,Instagram to market your business.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization is the science of improving one’s online user experience.
  • Content Marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy which  make use of content such as blog posts, infographics,ebooksetc to develop brand awareness.
  • Email marketing helps businesses to promote events,advertise special deals and highlight content.
  • Affiliate marketing is paying another company to promote your products and services on their websites.

Digital marketing is the best option for any business and it really helps to develop any kind of businesses like from mom shops to internationally recognized companies and beyond.This is the strength of online advertising. There are many Digital marketing and Online advertising agencies in Kolkata who have the right technique to set one’s business online and help him to earn the required exposure. Online advertising is gradually developing with time as more than half of the world’s population are connected to the internet and people of all age groups have access to the web.

It is true that online advertising helps anyone to expand their business on a large scale. Here we will discuss some of the major benefits of Online advertising:

  • It helps to increase the global reach: Online advertising can help you to reach your target audience worldwide.With the help of the internet you can connect with your audience and expand your business without going anywhere.Online advertising will help your business to become accessible to millions of clients.
  • It is very cost effective: The greatest benefit of online advertising is that it is very cost effective and unlike other methods of advertising you don’t need to spend so much money to promote your services and products.It is very much affordable.
  • It will help you to target the right audience: Online advertising will help you to find the right audience for your business.Tools like online display ads,social media ads,video ads will make it very easier for you to reach your target audience.
  • It will help to engage your customers: The Internet is the only platform which can easily engage your target audience.All you need to do is thorough research on your target audience to find out what they think about your products and services,and what kind of products and services they are looking for,and accordingly plan your ad campaigns.
  • It will give you access to data  Online analytics tools will help you to know which advertising strategy is working for you and which is not.You can analyze keyword data, customer data and make the necessary changes.It help one to track conversion and measure effectiveness of ad campaigns.
  • It is very fast and easy: Online advertising is always fast and easy in comparison to traditional advertising.Themoment you will start your ad campaign you will start gaining leads and this will help you to reach your goal much faster.

Many company provide Digital Marketing Services in kolkata, but to select the best out of them you need to look for these following characteristics:

1) You need to look for a client list with whom they previously worked,it is a good indication of their experience.

2) They should have a experienced and specialised team

3) They must have a strong industry reputation

4) They should have similar core values and company culture

5) They must have a well designed website

6) And they should be easy to get in touch with

You need to select one of the online advertising agencies in Kolkata suiting your needs and budget, and who will create advertising and marketing plans according to your business,brand and product.

How can I get started with Digital Marketing?

1) First you need to figure out how much you need to spend for Digital Marketing and need to clarify your goals.You need to be clear about the fact that whether your digital marketing goal is to drive,click, conversations,lead,revenue or a certain return on investment.You should decide how much revenue you want to earn before deciding your Digital marketing budget.

2) After deciding how much money you want to make from Digital marketing,you need to know the fact who you are marketing to.You need to talk to your sales team to get a good buyer persona.

3) People usually look at buyer persona as a good way to create an effective marketing strategy,but in addition to that it is also very important to put together an effective Digital marketing plan.

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