what is facebook jail

What Is Facebook Jail? And How You Can Avoid It

What is Facebook Jail? 

It is the concept that all actions done on Facebook will be track down and report to the administrators of that account. When one violates the community’s rules or intentionally breaks the rules (posts, comments, messages, interactions, etc.). There is, usually, a severe punishment system that is formally name Facebook Jail.

How to Avoid Facebook Jail or Being Blocked by Facebook

They even have a system which states that a member could be permanently ban. If they post something offensive or inflammatory on any of their channels. Once their automatic monitoring system finds anyone guilty, then they manually examine the various activities and push the various levels of the restriction boundaries accordingly. If they find something worth reporting, then the user’s account may be temporarily ban, or they may even be force to register with a new email address and password. This all happens without warning, and there are no clear guidelines as to what an individual should do when their account is under some form of restriction. In short, Facebook Jail is very hazy, and the punishment for breaking any part of the community’s rules can range anywhere from a temporary ban to a lifetime ban depending upon the severity of the violation.

The only sure way to answer the question of what is Facebook jail is to look at what exactly the ban standards are for different members. These standards state and publicly outline by Facebook back in 2010, and they have not change since then. If you fall under one or more of the general ban categories. Then you could still find yourself having your page permanently ban from posting any content on the popular social network.

Many people, and especially teenagers, frequently use Facebook. Many consider it to be a valuable social network tool. Which allows them to stay connected with family and friends when they cannot always be present in person. Others use it purely for recreational purposes. As they attempt to build up large networks of friends and interact with their closest friends. It all depends on what type of user you are ; whether or not you use the site for non-profit or business reasons. The fact is that Facebook can not ban anyone under the terms of the service. They can only temporarily restrict particular users from posting content on their site. In essence, Facebook jail has nothing to do with using the website for illegal purposes.

The most common way in which someone might get blocked from posting on the social network is by what is known as a “disapproving post“. If you get a posting block, you can request that it be lift. And that request will generally be approve after the first thing in the day. This means that you can have the ability to get back on the site within a few hours after the blocking period expires. In a way, this is similar to having your car take off the road for a day or two. But on a much smaller scale.

The second way in which you can get your account restricted is through what is known as “tagging“. If you are not very familiar with what tags are, then you really need to brush up on it before moving on. Essentially, you are trying to attract other users to visit a particular page on your site. The problem with tags is that they can sometimes be confuse with spam; therefore you may find that you are unable to use tags on certain posts. Therefore, if you want to avoid what is known as “dirty playing” on Facebook, you need to be sure that you know what a tag is and how it can be used.

The last way in which you can potentially end up with a much longer ban from the popular social network is by what is known as a “time length“. In simpler terms, if you are finding to be using ban behavior on Facebook for an extend period of time. This is going to make it very difficult for you to ever return to the platform. Time length in Facebook jail is define as the amount of time that is allow for a user to be ban from the website. If a company wants to ensure that their employees do not become spammy may they consider a shorter time period.


If you want to avoid what is know as Facebook Jail, you need to be careful what you post online. Be careful about what you use tags for, and also be careful about what you include in your profile pages. Do not let spam get under your skin! Always use original content and only use trusted services and third party applications. Also remember to avoid jail. If you follow these simple to follow instructions, you should be free of spam in no time at all.

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