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What is Singapore accountancy industry digital plan

The Accountancy Industry Digital Plan (IDP) was introduced as part of the government’s ongoing initiatives to assist small and medium businesses and their company incorporation Singapore processes (SMEs) in embracing more digital technology and supporting digital transformation for accounting firms in Singapore.

Small and Medium-sized Practices (SMPs) will benefit from the Accountancy Industry Digital Plan (IDP), which helps them implement technology for improved efficiency and competitiveness. Its three main objectives are to enhance digital skills and expertise, encourage technology adoption, and build accounting technology and innovations. The IDP includes a Digital Roadmap that directs SMPs on which digital technologies to implement and what employee training they should receive at each point of their digital transformation in line with their company incorporation Singapore protocols.

The Singapore Accountancy Board, the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, and the Infocomm Media Development Authority worked on the Accountancy IDP (IMDA). It’s part of IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital Initiative, which aims to assist SMEs in their digital transformation.

IDP digital roadmap for the accounting industry

A Digital Roadmap is included in every IDP and offers a three-stage guide to digital solutions for SMEs and company incorporation Singapore procedures:

Stage 1: preparing for the digital economy

The first stage would assist SMEs in the accounting industry in their transition to the digital economy. The following are some simple digital solutions that can aid in streamlining processes, optimizing capital, and increasing productivity:

  • Management of audits
  • Accounting in the cloud (e-Invoicing)
  • Auditing data analytics
  • Document management through the internet
  • Screening for Know The Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Management of the practice
  • Solutions for tax administration

Stage 2: developing your business in the digital economy

The second stage offers digital solutions that allow accounting firms in Singapore to connect for seamless transactions and to consolidate data from SMEs, resulting in business insights.

The following are some examples of digital solutions:

  • Advisory data analytics
  • Electronic payment
  • For seamless transactions, an integrated e-Platform is available.

Step 3: taking a risk

The third stage outlines advanced digital technology that SMEs can use to build new services and smarter companies while also enhancing operations and accounting services delivery in regards to company incorporation Singapore protocol.

This focuses on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled digital technologies for business processes and audit and accounting services. Allowing digital audit trails, which can help to highlight high-risk areas based on business and data trends, and using AI-enabled chatbots for routine customer support are two examples.

Skills and preparation interactive roadmap

When the accounting firms in Singapore develop and change, so do the digital skills needed to keep up. To keep up with digitalization, job tasks would almost certainly need upskilling, and it is best to plan early by having the necessary preparation.

IDPs describe two types of courses for beginners and experienced users:


#1 Courses for beginners

These are needed for all users since they lay the groundwork for bettering digital literacy and knowledge. The following are some examples of such courses for accounting firms in Singapore:

  • An overview of cybersecurity
  • Enhancing Audit Effectiveness, Risk Management, and Business Analysis with Data
  • Accounting and Finance Professionals: An Introduction to Blockchain Technology
  • Finance and Machine Learning

#2 Advanced preparation

These are recommended for consumers who want to gain a high level of digital proficiency. The following are some examples of such courses for accounting firms in Singapore:

  • Learning Journey with Regulations, RegTech, and Digital Risk
  • Decision-makers Guide to Cyber Forensics and Cybersecurity
  • Strategic and Operational Success Using Business Analytics
  • Python as a Platform for AI Foundations

The SMP Centre, a one-stop hub with information to assist SMPs on their digitalization path, and the Accounting Technology & Innovation Centre, which will be set up to create innovative accountancy innovations and business models, are two new projects introduced today to support the digital growth of SMPs.

SMPs may also go to the SMP Centre, a one-stop shop for information about how to advance their digital growth. The Accounting Technology & Innovation Centre is a good resource for SMPs interested in developing new accounting technologies and business models. SAC, the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA), and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) partnered on the Accountancy IDP, which is part of IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital project, which aims to make going digital for SMPs and company incorporation Singapore procedures as easy as possible.

Upgrade your business today

SME Centres and SME Digital Tech Hubs also offer additional assistance to SMEs in the form of basic advisory or specialized consulting services. Self-assessment checklists for digital readiness, consultation to provide digital advisory or project management information, and more are available in WLP Group.

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