What to do in the unmissable mini-Israel

Kasol is one of the incredible mountain resorts in the Kuru district. The road to Manikaran, the pilgrimage city, is 26 kilometers from Kuru. The momentum of life and the feeling of your life make you feel mysterious, this is a miracle unfolding. Kasol is the mother town of the Parvati Valley and a popular destination in Himachal. It is famous for its exciting trails, delicious food, rushing rivers, and enthusiastic human beings. There are many things to do in Casor, from the thrill of hiking to the memories of life, at this happy resort. Due to the large proportion of tourists in Israel, Casor is also known as Mini Israel. Kasol is a hot spot for Himalayan backpackers and a base for trips to Helganga and Marana.

 1. The KheerGanga Hike The kasol KheerGanga

 The hike is a difficult and interesting hike, requiring nine kilometers and four hours to climb. This mountain is a magical paradise visited by Indians and foreign tourists. At the top of KheerGanga trek, you can see the beautiful wind, dense and humid due to the weather and the snow-capped mountains. There is also a charming and mysterious Shiva temple, which offers hot spring baths for religious people in India, which gives people a charming feeling.

 2. Walk along the kasol Parvati River

 You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Parvati Valley on the Parvati River. In contrast to the Beas River, pine trees dominate the forests on both sides. To reach the other side of the river, you have to cross a crumbling old wooden bridge.

 3. Go to Tosh

 Tosh is a city famous for growing cannabis and enjoying the magnificent view of dense Himalayan plants. The culture and life of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most interesting activities in Kasol.

 4. Visit Manikaran Sahib

 Manikaran Sahib is a Guruwala, about 6 kilometers from Kasol. One of the best things is to visit Manikaran Sahib. Located in Gurudwara, in the hot springs, you can get rid of all evil as the locals believe. Gurudwara is currently under renovation, but if you plan to travel to Kasol, you must check it out.

 5. Manikaran’s Hot Springs

 Manikari is home to many Sikh and Hindu pilgrimage sites. The Parvati River is home to natural hot springs, and Manikaran is located there. For a rejuvenating bath, please go to the hot springs.

 6. Crazy Israeli Food

 Enjoy Israeli cuisine while admiring the beautiful Himalayas and another snow-capped mountain, taste Shakshuka, citrus fruits and other Israeli cuisines. If you want to enjoy wonderful cuisine, your knees will be a little weak, visit “Turquoise” Kasol` and `The Evergreen. `

 7. Shopping

 Kasol is a great shopping place. In Kasol, there are a lot of shopping mugs, especially the one from Bhuntar, which is a good place to go. Collect t-shirts, wool, oil and sheets, wall hangings, tapestries, etc., and add them to your Kasol pile.

 8. Rice Beer

 With Castle’s incredible experience, delicious taste, and absolutely alcohol-free ingredients, it is an indispensable attempt to get the world-famous rice beer. This is one of the best things about Kasol. It is also called “Chang” and is worth a visit.

 9. Visit Moon Dance Cafe

 Moon Dance Cafe is an amazing restaurant popular with tourists. In Castle, with its magnificent mountain and valley views, this is another exciting thing. This is definitely where tourists should stop.

 10. Relax at the Hype Music Festival

 At the Hype Music Festival, famous DJs will perform various music performances all over the world. Enjoy barbecues, light fires and other fun. Decoration and lighting effects help to enhance the vibrations generated by the beautiful melody and rhythm.

 11. Enjoy the Parvati Shangri-La Festival

 This is the true enjoyment of the annual festival. Famous DJs and artists will play their best tracks. During the festival, international tourists are in constant flow. Many international artists can be found on this festival.

 12. Visit Marana

 Marana is one of the most charming cities in Himachal Pradesh. You have to climb a bit, because there is no highway to Marana and it is difficult to climb there.

 Kasol is a crowd favorite escape route. Located in the circle of the Parvati Valley, Casor is one of the preferred spas in the state and is known for its incomparable green beauty. Without a doubt, Kasol is one of the most amazing places to enjoy the panoramic view of Himachal Pradesh. In Casor, everything from camping and crossing the water to hiking can be literally experienced. You can not only visit the places of the Castle. You can take Rasol, Manikaran, Tosh and Ganga Trek to Kheer.


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