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When to Clean the Carpet: Before or After the Holidays

Many homeowners are confused when to clean the carpet- after or before the holiday? Everyone has their own perspective of cleaning depending on the priority. But dirty carpet on holidays is inevitable. It will get full of muddy footmarks, dropped foods and split drinks.

Now think the holiday is near and guests have arrived. You don’t want to be concerned regarding floor covering cleanliness. So, it’s better to prepare the upholstery, soft furnishing and carpet before the holidays.

Advantages of carpet cleaning ahead of your holiday

Advantages of carpet cleaning prior to the holiday are given below:

Easy stain removal

Remember embedded dirt is quite cumbersome to clean as the stain forces deep into fibres. Extra staining makes the condition worse than ever. Hence, you are advised to treat the light stain instantly. Here is the step to treat the stains:

  • Loose material should be removed with the back of spoon and knife
  • Stain must be blotted using dry and clean towel, don’t rub as it will spread the stain
  • Press firmly for soaking all moisture and residue until the towel becomes dry
  • Blotting process should be repeated if the stain is still there

Additional stain treating processes might be needed for dealing with stubborn stains hence you must follow the instructions of manufacturer strictly.

Remove foul odour

Carpets emit odour of anything from pollen to soil and to pet residue. Even wetted carpets develop mould leaving musty smell and using of wrong agent can emit foul odour as well. These can result in full of nasty aroma here and there in your house.

Complete enjoyment of the holiday

Carpet cleaning prior holiday celebration makes you relief and tension-free. As a result you can give full focus on the celebration instead of floor covering hygiene and cleanliness. Due to complete removal of allergens and dirt you will be able to enjoy the family get-together fully.

Carpet cleaning post-holidays

If you have decided to clean the carpet after holiday celebration there is no problem at all. But due to the celebration, there will be more debris, dust and dirt on its surface and the stain will ingrain deep into the piles leaving you to seek professional’s assistance.

There are many carpet cleaning companies which offer upholstery cleaning services as well. Hence, hiring such a company post holiday celebration will be fruitful as they facilitate stain prevention treatment by eliminating oils, sauces, wine, coffee and food spills from the carpet.

Moreover, carpet cleaning experts make use of limited water ensure fast drying up of the rugs and carpet after washing. Even, they prefer using eco-friendly cleaning agents to promote the home environment safe for your kids and pets. Depending on the texture and fibre of the carpet they use dry cleaning, hot water extraction and other safe and effective cleaning methods to agitate debris and dirt from its surface.

As rugs are oriental, Persian, wool and handmade all of them should be treated properly and with care. In case you need upholstery cleaning as well; then choose such a cleaning company which provides upholstery and soft furnishing cleaning services as well. By this way you can get fresh and clean home after celebration via extensive cleaning.

Tips to take proper care of your carpet

Almost every manufacturer states that a carpet can last for long 10 years if proper care is being taken. Most effective tips to carpet care and maintenance are mentioned below:

  • Use mats and rugs in hallways and entrances
  • Take off the footwear when you are about to enter inside
  • Vacuum the carpet and rug daily for sucking up the deposited dirt and dust
  • Use homemade stain treating agents to tackle the stubborn stains on your carpet
  • While you are setting off to get a new piece, consider the colour which exhibits least dirt

Apart from these, professional carpet cleaning is another essential step you have to take into consideration at least once every year. Obviously, the frequency is depended on foot traffic it receives and your priority to clean it before or after the holiday celebration. Despite of your selected timeline, make sure that the carpet only handled by a professional cleaner without compromising the quality for price.

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