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Why to Choose Custom Boxes For Brand Promotion | Important features

Once upon a time, it was difficult for manufacturers and businesspersons to find the right shape, size, and material for the packaging of their products. However, custom boxes came to the rescue and revolutionized the world of packaging.

Custom packaging boxes made everything easy. Hence, not only do you have the freedom to select, shape, size, and material according to your liking but also everything regarding design.

Many manufacturers prefer kraft material for their custom boxes. It is because kraft custom boxes have many advantageous features.

Following are some vital features of custom boxes:

  • Resistance:

Kraft material can withstand all kinds of pressure. The addition of corrugated layers to custom kraft boxes increases their strength and sturdiness that is good for safety products.

The reason why kraft material is everyone’s all-time favorite for custom boxes packaging is that it is cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Nevertheless, the material is biodegradable as well. Hence Kraft boxes can bear climates like humidity and heat. In other words, it provides perfect safety to the product throughout its journey to the marketplace.

  • Variety:

Molding and shaping are easy for kraft boxes. These boxes can shape into oval, square, and rectangle, without creating much hassle for the manufacturers.

Furthermore, you may design the boxes in different styles like flip tops, sleeve boxes, window boxes, and many more. Other than the styles, customers love die-cut windows a lot since it is not only stylish but also allows the customers to take a look before buying.

  • Personalization:

The outer print of your product’s packaging is crucial. The kraft custom boxes allow you to create designs using many techniques.

The best thing about kraft is it allows you to print your design proudly since it is print-friendly. On the other hand, you can use stickers, ribbons, and stamps.

Moreover, the kraft boxes can have lithographic, even screen, and digital printing.

  • Size availability:

Another beautiful feature of kraft custom boxes is that you can go for any size you like. Nevertheless, you can go for jewelry boxes, pillow boxes, kraft customized gable boxes, and many other boxes of different sizes.

Hence, these boxes are best for both heavy and lightweight objects. Thus, keeping the items safe from not only dirt and dust but shocks and vibrations throughout the transit too.


In other words, customized boxes of Kraft materials are the solutions to most of your problems concerning packaging. You will have no worries even when the delicate items will be there, as the sturdiness of kraft material is well known.

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