4 Ways To Respond When Asked If You’re Wearing A Wig

Even if your wig has been chosen with great care, is of the utmost quality, and fits your head as snugly as if it were your own, you may still have fears about other people detecting the fact that you’re wearing one, and worry about how this might make you feel.

While you should of course be able to wear your wig with pride and feel comfortable in it no matter the situation, the reality is that other people’s reactions to your wig, or your fears about being discovered wearing one, can make a lot of people feel uncomfortable. 

If at some point in your wig-wearing life, a friend, family member, or colleague chooses to comment on the fact that you’re wearing a wig or asks you if your hair is real, here are some polite ways to respond that should help you remain calm and confident:

1. “Yes, and isn’t it lovely?”

Unless someone has set out to be intentionally cruel to you, most people who ask if your hair is your own are merely curious and are probably wondering where you got the wig from so that they know where to go should they ever need one!

By replying to the question about whether you’re wearing a wig with a confident “yes, and isn’t it lovely?”, you’re simply being truthful, and hopefully, you’ll get a compliment in return! When you buy something for yourself, whatever it may be, it belongs to you. Your wig is your own. Why should you be ashamed of that?

2. “What makes you ask that”?

The way in which you answer this question may vary drastically depending on who asked it. If someone you know well or are on familiar terms with asks you whether you’re wearing a wig, they’re most likely curious and admiring how natural it looks. They may want to know where you got it from, or wonder why you’re wearing one. You can respond with your own question in a friendly way; no need for hostility. 

If a stranger asks you that question, on the other hand, you can choose how you respond according to their tone and demeanour. If you feel offended or upset by the question, you can respond in a more direct tone, letting them know that they’ve asked a very personal question. Or, you could ask in a way that suggests you find their question amusing. Either way, you’re in control, but turning the question back on the person who asked it is a great way of dealing with the question.

3.“Yes, and it’s because…”

Again, depending on who asked whether you’re wearing a wig, you can choose to be as open and honest in your response as you wish. You may choose to tell them why you’re wearing one and help them understand how it has helped you live a normal life and feel confident about your appearance. While it’s nobody’s business but your own as to whether you’re wearing a custom-made wig and why you’re doing so, it can be helpful in certain instances to let people know that you are and the reasons behind it.

4.“Wow, that’s a very personal thing to ask someone”

Not everyone is sensitive to the issues other people face in their life. Many people may not even consider the possibility that the question might offend or upset someone, whether or not they’re wearing a wig. If you don’t feel comfortable discussing it with someone, even if they’re a family member or friend, feel free to let the person know that their question was a sensitive one and, if they’re open to it, try asking them why they don’t complement you on your beautiful hair instead.

Remember that nobody has the right to question or judge you based upon your appearance and that you should be able to feel comfortable and confident wearing a human hair wig with pride. 

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