10 Powerful Facts About The World And Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a hot topic not just for world leaders today, but for most home and business owners, too. Finding ways to limit our dependency on harmful fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint for the betterment of the planet, is something that’s never far from our minds, and rightly so.

Solar power is proven to be among the most popular forms of renewable energy today, and the benefits it can bring to individuals and the environment, are well documented. However, there are plenty of facts about renewable energy that you might not be so aware of, such as those listed below:

1. As a renewable energy source, solar power is among the fastest growing

Solar energy has experienced a boom in recent years, and this is thought to be directly related to the falling cost of panels, technological advances, and an increase in government incentives for renewable energy. 

2. Solar energy is in abundance

As the most readily available renewable energy source, solar energy has the capacity to power the world if even a tiny fraction of its potential can be harnessed. 

3. Wind turbines are steadily growing in height

With the onset of new technology, wind turbines are being made to reach ever more dizzying heights, helping them to harness more energy due to windier conditions at higher altitudes. Somewhat remarkably, newer wind turbines can be as much as twice the height of massive structures like the Statue of Liberty!

4. Hydropower stands the test of time

Otherwise known as hydroelectric power, this type of renewable energy is one of the oldest sources on the planet, and one of the largest, too. Using moving water to generate electricity, hydropower makes up for more than a quarter of the U.S.s total electricity generation. 

5. Renewable energy often costs less than fossil fuels

Today, harnessing the potential power of renewable energy sources such as wind, water and solar, costs less than it does to build plants to harness the power of fossil fuels, even in countries like Saudi Arabia and Mexico; two of the world’s biggest producers of oil!

6. Jobs are created by the renewable energy industry

When compared to the fossil fuel industry, the renewable energy sector has the capacity to create many more jobs per unit of energy. Take solar energy, for example, which helps create almost thrice the number of jobs than coal. 

7. As a reliable source of energy, geothermal is hard to beat

Thanks to the fact that this type of renewable energy – which works by harnessing the Earth’s heat at its core – isn’t impacted by changes in weather conditions in ways that solar and wind are, geothermal energy is extremely reliable as a renewable source of energy. 

8. Renewable energy plays a part in lowering greenhouse gas emissions

Producing less harmful greenhouse gas emissions than the fossil fuel industry, renewable energy can help us protect the environment for future generations.

9. Electric vehicles can be powered by renewable energy

With the ability to power electric vehicles using renewable energy, EVs are a far greener alternative to traditional cars fuelled by gasoline and diesel. In fact, people with electric cars are having solar systems installed at a faster rate than all other demographics. 

10. With the help of renewables, our dependency on foreign oil can be reduced

Becoming energy independent is a goal for all nations, and with the increasing use and availability of renewable energy, we can all get closer to achieving that. 

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