What is a Float Trip?

River and mountains and a hot air balloon

Are you craving an adventure on the water but seeking a more relaxed pace? Look no further than a scenic river float trip in Jackson Hole! Unlike whitewater rafting, which caters to adrenaline junkies, float trips offer a tranquil escape ideal for families and anyone seeking a laid-back experience.

These gentle excursions meander down calm stretches of rivers, where gentle currents and the absence of rapids guarantee a relaxing float.  Imagine comfortably soaking in the breathtaking scenery without requiring vigorous paddling or complex maneuvers. Best of all, these trips are truly inclusive, welcoming participants of all ages and abilities. So ditch the whitewater worries and get ready to experience the beauty of Jackson Hole at a leisurely pace!


River Floats

Explore the beauty of Jackson Hole at a relaxed pace with a scenic float trip! These excursions occur on calm stretches of rivers, where gentle currents and the absence of rapids ensure a peaceful journey.  Kick back and soak in the stunning scenery – no vigorous paddling or complex maneuvers required!

Float trips offer a variety of vessels, including canoes, kayaks, tubes, or even giant inflatable rafts. The specific equipment used depends on the chosen trip and location, but all prioritize comfort and a truly unforgettable experience on the water.

These inclusive outings are open to all skill levels and perfect for families and beginners. Guides, if present, keep direction minimal, allowing you to embrace the tranquility of the river journey fully.  Most trips last several hours and are deliberately designed to encourage relaxation and appreciation of the surrounding natural beauty. The laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere creates the perfect opportunity for wildlife watching – keep your eyes peeled for birds, fish, and other creatures that might join your peaceful exploration. And the slower pace allows you to capture those unforgettable moments with your camera or phone without worrying about losing them in fast-moving waters.


What to Wear

Be sure to hit the water in comfort on your scenic float trip.  While you won’t get soaked (unless you take a dip!), the temperature on the river can be a bit cooler. So, dress comfortably in clothes you’d wear for a casual outing. If you’re unsure, bring an extra layer just in case.

Feel free to bring a small backpack for your essentials. Footwear is important!  While your feet might get wet, flip-flops and Crocs are a no-go.  You also want to protect the rafts, so avoid shoes that could cause damage, like hiking boots with cleats, heeled sandals, or anything with stiff soles.  Instead, opt for secure sandals, sneakers, or water shoes for a comfortable and safe float.



Experienced guides take care of all the paddling and maneuvering during your float trip, which frees you up to relax and soak in the breathtaking scenery around you thoroughly.  When the snowmelt creates faster-flowing water in the spring, the route gets adjusted to take you on an even longer adventure down the river. You’re in for a real treat!

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