All You Need To Know About Custom Top Tuck Boxes 

tuck boxes

What exactly are tuck boxes? Tuck box are typically used to transport food, mainly when transported to boarding schools. However, they can also be used for packaging and storing shelf food products like counter display boxes. One of the benefits of custom top tuck boxes is that you can have whatever design you want to be printed on them. This enables you to develop your branding and attract more customers.

Benefits of Custom Top Tuck Box 

Following are the few benefits of custom top tuck boxes:

Reduce shipping costs

If a company needs to export its items far and wide, the cost of shipping will be its primary issue. Because they protect the product inside from damage, these custom top tuck boxes are also used in warehouses, factories, and conventional packaging channels. The modest weight of customised top tuck packaging boxes contributes to lower shipping costs. Even prominent brands send bulk orders to clients in custom tuck packaging boxes.

Cheap Top Tuck Packaging 

Custom top tuck boxes are available in the sizes and specifications chosen by print and packaging clients. Inserts and separators are also required by clients when purchasing tuck-top packaging boxes. It helps in the safe delivery and shipment of products. Clients can also get biodegradable top tuck packaging boxes from the packaging business. They used the same material to make the inserts and separators for these boxes. If you want your products to arrive at their destination undamaged, discuss your packing objectives with the printing and packaging company you’ve chosen for your order. Many brands use trendy packaging with bright patterns.

Potential Customers Booster

First and most important, these custom tuck packaging boxes are used exclusively to increase the potential level of customers. This way, a much-advanced form of the services is used, which is great for attracting the client’s attention in a better way. These boxes are available in a variety of colours as well as shapes and sizes. To attract clients’ attention, most online businesses employ multicoloured product boxes.

High Level of Revenue

Secondly, these product packing boxes are also excellent in increasing revenue. Custom tuck boxes’ primary goal is to capture target audiences’ attention through marketing. As a result of the increased revenue, the businesses will use it to cover the costs of custom boxes.

Protection and Security

Lastly, and most importantly, Custom top tuck boxes are useful for protecting the accessories. Most of the time, product boxes will have specific information that is beneficial in handling safety information and cautions. Nevertheless, this will lessen the possibility of damage or a break.

Other Different Types of Tuck Boxes 

You will come across numerous and must determine which one is appropriate for your product! Whichever one you choose, you can customise the design. 

Straight Tuck Box

This is the market’s most common and widely available form of the custom tuck box. They have flaps that fold from the sides similarly and a lid to keep them tight. You can readily find them at any other Chinese takeout restaurant or food department store. The beautiful thing about them is that they are the simplest to customise, so if you want a straight and simple custom-printed tuck box.

Lock Bottom Box

A lock bottom box differs from a standard straight or reverses tuck box. This is frequently used to transport and support larger goods such as jars or candles. And you’ll see why in a moment. These boxes include four flaps on the bottom that lock together, providing increased durability and strength. This is how the boxes can support the weight of more giant glass jars.

Crash Bottom Box

A crash bottom has a base lock that locks the base in place when the two flaps are close to each other. This sort of box, like the lock bottom box, has a solid construction and can readily sustain heavy things such as a glass jar. They are an excellent choice for folks who desire a strong and long-lasting box for the security of the thing it holds.


Custom top tuck boxes are designed to be durable and are strong enough to protect objects from damage. Products wrapped in top tuck packaging boxes will not require additional gift-wrapping or exterior packaging. They gave them to loved ones in their current condition as gifts. As a result, it sent online purchases to recipients in their original top tuck packaging boxes. They are not as expensive as premium packaging boxes. Every business may afford them and even improve their appearance by adding customised add-ons. Click here to get more information. 

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