Comparison of Confluence Software and Jira Software

Comparison of Confluence Software and Jira Software

Confluence software allows you to document collaborative work and integrate management apps to increase productivity. Jira software allows you to track and identify issues, as well as manage large-scale project projects.

You need the right tools to track and monitor your business campaign’s progress in order to make it a success. Task management software has replaced the need to rely on different platforms to keep in touch with your team. Software that helps you organize, plan, and implement tasks can help you stay connected to your team. Knowing the differences between Confluence and Jira software can help you make an informed decision.

Confluence Software vs Jira Software

Confluence software and Jira software offer similar solutions to problems related to team collaboration and task completion. These tools give you a view of the status of your ongoing projects, as well as the ability to communicate with other members of your team. They are also both created by Atlassian but have some differences. You can identify the distinct qualities of each by reading this brief comparison guide.

Confluence Features

This software provides a variety of features to enhance your online workspace. The software has many features, as well as integrated apps that improve online project management.

Intuitive Structure

Confluence software users can use Pages and Spaces as a central tool. You can create a project using Pages. You can also edit an existing project. Or, you can have a discussion with your team.

Spaces allow teams to concentrate on specific pages, allowing them to be more productive.

Knowledge Base

It is important to organize and maintain information related to your project. Advanced search, intuitive page hierarchy and labels make it easy to find related material in seconds.

Templates can also be used to create reports and plan your future. Confluence software provides up to 75 templates for this purpose.


Confluence allows you to edit documents with your team members in real-time, which helps improve communication. You can share the details of any updates with others and keep a history of all files.

In-line and on-page commenting allow team members to keep in touch in a dynamic environment. To respond to each others’ comments, users can also use images, GIFs, and emojis.

Finally, tag your coworkers so they are aware of important information.

Information Dissemination

It is vital that all intended members have access to the information required to complete the project. Confluence software allows you to view the information in an open format, but you can also limit access as needed. It can be configured to ensure sensitive information is secured and that only authorized users have access.

Invite members to join your blog to share their latest updates and pitch ideas.

Jira Features

Jira offers smart solutions that allow you to track and resolve ongoing issues. However, It is similar to Confluence and has integrated tools that can improve its functionality.

Agile Boards

Combining Kanban and Scrum can create a well-connected system for your team. Scrum allows you to assign tasks to specific team members. It is possible to manage large-scale projects by breaking them into smaller tasks that can be completed by the relevant teams.

Kanban boards give your team the chance to see their tasks together. Therefore, This improves the communication skills of all members.


Atlassian Access and Jira Software premium increase security for your Jira tool. Atlassian Access integrates with SAML SSO, which enforces 2-step verification and automated user provisioning.

Jira Software Premium integrates 99.9% uptime SLAs into your software. However, Jira offers critical security for its users.

Code and Deployment

Issue tracking is an important theme in Jira project management. You can view the code and deploy the code by entering the issue key into a commit. You can also use PR, or the branch name, to gain access to information.

At some point, you’ll need to be able to view and even create issue branches. Therefore, You can do this through the issue development panel.

Price Comparison of Confluence vs Jira

There are three payment options available for both project management software. However, Users who wish to get familiar with the software panels or features can use either one of these systems for a free trial.

The Confluence Standard costs $55, while the Premium is $105 per user per month. The standard and premium pricing are consistent with the many features available for task management. If you are looking to outfit a large-scale project, an enterprise can offer the best security benefits.

Jira pricing is currently $75 per month for the standard plan and $145 per user for the premium plan. Therefore, Jira, akin to Confluence offers a private quote for enterprise-scale businesses.

Confluence can be used in conjunction with Jira. It can provide a dynamic combination of features that can cover all the requirements of remote workspaces and also offer project management services. However, Confluence software and Jira software can be used separately since neither relies on the other.

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