Ranking The Top Banking & Finance Apps of 2024

If you aren’t using a banking app in 2024, then you should really consider getting with the times where access to your banking can be done at any time and any place with a few touch of your fingertips.

If you often have your phone on your person, then using a banking app for all your banking needs could save you a lot of time and future headaches. 

In this article, we’re going to be covering the top three banking apps out there, and what sets them apart from each other. Each app on this list is available to download on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store, just like this banking app for example. So, no matter what type of phone you have, this article is for you. 

  • Chase Mobile App

An all around useful banking app, We recommend Chase as our number one pick for a plethora of reasons. For starters, JP Morgan Chase has been an established bank in America for over 150 years, and thus it is a safe place to put your hard earned money. 

The Chase Mobile App was rated 5/5 by Forbes Advisor in this article that goes over popular banking apps. Some of the benefits of using the Chase app is that it is packed with useful financial insights, it allows you to manage multiple bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, and more, and it is among the highest rated bank apps out there. 

Some reported flaws of the app were that the interface can feel a bit too cluttered with various product advertisements and information sections. Additionally, Forbes noted that Chase accounts have lower savings rates than most other banks out there. 

  • Ally Banking & Investing App

At 4.9/5 stars by Forbes Advisor, Ally’s Banking & Investing App is our second choice pick for this article. Some stand-out features of this app are the ability to view account balances, locate nearby ATMs in-app, and deposit checks by using your phone camera. Additionally, Ally is well known for its many different savings features that you can use to save even more money in the app. 

One such savings feature allows you to round up purchases you make on your debit card, depositing the spare change to a savings account for you automatically. It is a great way to steadily build up a savings account while not making any big changes at all to your spending habits.

Some benefits to Ally other than its multitude of savings tools is the ability to manage your investments through the app, 24/7 customer support, Zelle compatibility, as well as low fees and competitive rates. 

Forbes noted two cons for Ally, being that you cannot view auto loans through the app and that there is no support for cash deposits. 

  • Discover Mobile

Discover Mobile is the last name on our list, taking the third spot overall when it comes to our opinion on banking apps going into 2024. Discover’s app is an all around easy to use and useful way to manage your finances no matter where you are. Whether you need to monitor your credit score, apply for new accounts, or pay bills and redeem rewards, it can all be done from the app. 

Some benefits to using Discover Mobile are that you can manage multiple bank accounts, loans, and credit cards all on the app. Additionally, you can track and redeem your rewards. There’s 24/7 customer service as well, so any issues you may come across can be resolved when they happen. Like Ally, Discover also has competitive rates and low fees for their account holders.

Some negatives mentioned by Forbes on Discover Mobile was that there is no support for cash deposits, as well as not having customizable budgeting or savings tools. Despite that though, Discover Mobile was still rated 4.5/5 stars by Forbes. 

We hope you found this article helpful, and if you want to check out other bank apps then we recommend reading this article from Smart Asset that covers the top 10 banking apps of 2023.

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