Your Guide To A Soap Scum Free Bathroom

Bathrooms are notorious for getting grubby, fast, and nothing builds up quicker in a bathroom than soap scum. A combination of soap residue and hard water, soap scum can be tricky to shift, and is unsightly if left untreated.

Hiring a regular home cleaning service can help you rid your bathroom of soap scum for good, but if you prefer to do your own cleaning, here is a quick DIY guide to eliminating soap scum:

  • Combine vinegar and dish soap for an almighty cleaning solution

With equal amounts of water and vinegar poured into a bottle, and the addition of a few drops of dish soap, you can tackle all manner of soapy stains in your bathroom. Simply apply the solution to soapy stains in your bathroom, leave it for a few minutes, and then scrub off with a brush or sponge before rinsing with water. 

  • Combine vinegar and baking soda

By mixing a cup of baking soda with a tablespoon of vinegar, and stirring them until you get a paste, you can apply the paste to the walls of your shower or tub, and leave it for a few minutes. Then, simply rinse off with water and wipe dry.

  • Call in the pro’s!

Cleaning soap scum is no fun, and if you don’t have the time or will to spend time scrubbing away in your bathroom, why not hire a cleaning company to do it instead?

Want to prevent soap scum from becoming an issue in the first place?

6 tips for putting a stop to soap scum

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, and by following the steps below, you can say goodbye to soap scum for good:

  1. Swap your soap

Using shower gels and liquid hand washes instead of bars of soap, is the quickest and easiest way to banish soap scum from your bathroom for good.

  • Wipe down the shower walls after each use

A quick wipe down with a squeegee after each shower can help prevent soap scum from taking a hold.

  • Use Epsom salt

Soap scum isn’t just a problem in showers, if you love a good soak in the tub, you might soon notice a build-up of soap scum on its sides. By adding Epsom salt to your bath water, you can stop soap residue and hard water from lingering and creating scummy stains.

  • Clean the shower every day

A quick clean with your favorite cleaning product (or vinegar) after showering, helps stop any reside from having a chance to linger in your shower, and you can even do this with the shower water still running, not just for convenience but also to help create a steamy environment that will help the stains slip off easier.

  • Add wax to the walls of your bathroom

Car wax will make it virtually impossible for soap scums to become a problem in your bathroom, and by rubbing it over the walls (never on the floor), you can create a soap scum free haven!

  • Have a water softener installed

When scum and other stains build up in a bathroom, hard water is usually a critical factor, but with the installation of a water softener, you can get rid of harmful minerals in the water, and reduce soap scum stains.

Everyone deserves a bathroom free from soap scum stains, and by following the tips and pointers listed above, or hiring a local cleaning company, you can easily make this a reality.

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