Best Anonymous Instagram Stories Viewer 2022

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Everyone knows that Instagram is a huge visual platform with more than 1.3 billion global users actively engaging every month. Instagram profiles can be public or private. If they are private and you need to view stories and other content, you must know the best anonymous Instagram stories viewer available.

While Instagram offers many amazing features like reels, stories, and more, there is one thing you can’t do. You cannot review private profiles anonymously.

what can you do There are third-party Instagram private profile viewers that you can use to bypass the protocol and see what’s going on.

1. Picuki

Picuki is an anonymous Instagram stories and profiles viewer that allows you to easily search Instagram profiles, brands, and locations worldwide (We can say that Picuki is an Instagram editor and viewer 2022). You can read a complete guide about picuki at, How it works, and How to view Instagram profiles without an Instagram account.

Picuki also allows us to “edit Instagram photos”, check “Instagram Trends” and possibly “Browse without logging in”. Yes, it allows us to track Instagram profiles, tags, locations, and photos without logging in. How great and helpful it is. This is the best choice for users who want to log in or create an Instagram account.

Picuki is the best choice for you if you don’t log in to Instagram and want to see profiles of different famous actors and so on. Picuki is the most popular and useful tool to check Instagram profile, tag, location, edit photos and also browse without login.

2. mSpy

Our next anonymous Instagram story viewer for this list is mSpy. This is another excellent monitoring and tracking service for social media, including Instagram. Since we are working on this article on Instagram, this service made it to the list.

When you want to view private Instagram profiles with complete anonymity, this is a great service to do it. One feature parents love is the Instagram tracker, which allows parents to check what their kids are doing on the platform. Yes. Parents get access to all IG conversations and interactions.

You will work anonymously, so this service does not put the app on your child’s phone. Therefore, they never know that you are checking them. Since this service has a tracking feature, it also tracks GPS locations and can record your screen as well.

3. Qoob Stories

If you’re looking for an anonymous Instagram story viewer that’s powerful yet practical, Qoob might be just what you want. Not only can you view Instagram stories and content anonymously on private profiles, you can also download videos, photos, stories, and more.

In case you haven’t noticed, public profiles don’t always allow you to download content either, but Qoob helps with both public and private accounts. They just need to enter the required username to use the features of this service. Once you start, you can download high-definition videos and images from IG profiles.

You even have the option to automate IG Stories when you save them, so you don’t waste time waiting for them to download. There are also features that give you sophisticated download solutions and sorting options.

4. SmiHub

Next, we’ll introduce an anonymous Instagram stories viewer called SmiHub. This one is perfect if you need to analyze IG profiles anonymously. One of our favorite things about this service is its user-friendly and slick interface. Thanks to this, you can do business without limits.

To get started, just enter the username you want to check on Instagram. Once you do this, you will soon have access to the IG profile of your choice. From now on, you can view stories, download content, and search for anything with just a few clicks of your mouse.

If you want to analyze a specific IG profile related to likes, followers, and comments, browse IG profiles anonymously at your leisure. By the way, using this service is free.


You may feel that there are several legitimate reasons to use an anonymous Instagram stories viewer to view Instagram profiles, public and/or private.

When the goal is to be anonymous, you want to use reliable and trusted story viewers. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 4 best Instagram viewer services for you. Hope this article informable to you.

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