Create a Private Nameserver in Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India

Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India


Name servers are part of a large database called DNS. It’s like when a user types your website address then it directs to the proper content that a user asks for. A private name server can only be used in VPS, Dedicated Web hosting, Reseller Hosting, etc. It can’t be used in a shred one as shared hosting has shared name servers.

So, when you decided to open a business of Linux Reseller Hosting then it is quite necessary to have a private nameserver that only denotes your website URL. You can create your own nameserver via WHM access that you get with Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India when you purchase the package. There are many hosts that do not provide this facility but a hosting company like Hostbillo allows you to create and manage your private nameserver with the hosting package.

Let’s look at the benefits of using private nameservers in your reseller business.

What are Private Nameservers?

Private Nameservers are like the DNS nameservers that are associated with your domain name. It’s like a comprehensive chronicle that decodes domains into an IP address. And, typically when you use the Best Linux Reseller Hosting India, you can create your own private nameserver that is only yours and not shared with any other domain. You can have your own string of nameservers that can look like-

These private nameservers can be two or more. However, generally, there are two nameservers associated with the nameservers. But there must be a question in your mind why a domain requires two name servers?

Well, your domain uses only one nameserver that is known as the primary DNS nameserver. However, if there is any issue and due to that your site goes offline then the second nameserver works as a backup facility so that your business can’t be affected. That’s why people use two nameservers in their Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India.

What’s Important About Private Nameservers?

What’s Important About Private Nameservers?

As you know private nameservers refer to servers that have a Domain Name System(DNS). So, this DNS database acts like a phone book for computers and converts your domain names into a machine-readable IP address. Because of this the user can simply type your website name rather than using the IP address which people did in the ’90s or they have to learn Dewy Decimal System(DDS) for effective use.

What Are the Benefits of Private Nameservers in Linux Reseller Hosting India Business?

Linux Reseller Hosting India

Owning a private nameserver is important for branding your Linux Reseller Hosting India business. With this, it appears your company’s address uniquely works to build your brand reputation.

Establishing the Brand

As a reseller, you do not want your customers to know that you resell the services because you want to build your own audience for your hosting business. Therefore many resellers use white label hosting that enable you to sell the services under your own company name. Therefore, by creating a private nameserver, your site’s IP address will show uniquely not as your parent web host’s IP. Thus, including a private nameserver is essential in your Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India.

Building Trust

A sense of security is one of the important things when people try to build a strong client base. It builds trust in your brand when you demonstrate to customers that you are taking all the possible precautions for your brand. Therefore, by including private nameservers in your Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India you will be able to build a strong client base for your business.

Making a Switch

When the need occurs, you can easily switch your parent web hosting and it will not affect your IP address. As you are using a private name server your clients will not realize that you have changed your main host. This keeps you working consistently without losing the trust of your customers. So, creating a private nameserver in your Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India is a must-do thing when you resell the services.

Get the Best Linux Reseller Hosting India Services from Hostbillo and Create a Private Nameserver

Best Linux Reseller Hosting India

There are many hosts in India from which you can buy reseller services but Hostbillo offers the best deals. It provides affordable Web Hosting Services in India and offers 24X7 customer support. All the essential feature that you may need for your business like maxim uptime, best security, unlimited bandwidth, SSD storage, free SSL certificate, etc. includes in the package. You can also install more web applications if you need them for your business. A private nameserver is one of those features that Hostbillo provides with its Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India. Therefore, you can easily set up a private nameserver for the business without any difficulty. Its Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India starts from 


Naming your own nameserver is the most beneficial factor that you should consider for your Linux Reseller Web Hosting India business. By building all the necessary requirements you are creating a successful path for your business. This will lead to getting an overall trust over your reseller business. It stands your business differently and uniquely from all your competitors. However, Hostbillo provides you to freely create a private nameserver for your brand with its Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India. It provides flexible, scalable, and stable hosting services with contrast support from its experts.